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Airtight Bag Seasoning
Thiepval Memorial


Formed in 1905 and formerly known as Convoy Pipe Band, the name was changed in 1919 to commemorate the many young men frrm the area who died in the Thiepval area of the Somme in 1916.

The band has a long history of competing, their first recorded contest was in Londonderry in 1938 and Convoy actually hosted a local Pipe Band contest in their locality in 1968.

The present Pipe Major is Alyson McKnight and Drum Sergeant is Clarke Campbell.

The band was upgraded to 4A in 2010 and further to a successful season in 2011, was upgraded to Grade 3B.

In 2014, The band competed in Grade 3B and it is one of the most succesful years to date, with 2009 where they swept the boards in Grade 4B winning Scottish, British, All Ireland, European and WOrld Titles as well as Champion of Champions & Supreme Champion of Champions.  


In 2014 the Band achieved the Following Successes:

GRADE 3B – 2014


  • Champions of Champions
  • Champion of Champions Drum Corp
  • Supreme Champion of Champions UK
  • British Champions
  • Scottish Champions
  • All Ireland Champions
  • World Champions
  • UK Champions


The Band went on an unbeaten season in Northern Ireland, Rep of Ireland & Scotland, which is a very rare occurrence in any Grade. As a result of such an achievement the Band has been upgraded straight to Grade 2 from Grade 3B Skipping Grade 3A.

The band is based in Convoy, Co Donegal and practice on Tuesday & Thursday nights from 8-10pm.



Anyone looking for further details please email the band Secretary,  Kathleen Love - thiepvalmemorialpipeband@hotmail.com