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Airtight Bag Seasoning

80 Favourite Bagpipe Tunes, Holyrood Collection Book 1


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
142nd highlanders, the March2/4210
2Piper's Cave, The March2/4210
3Barren rock of Aden, the March2/4210
4Liberton Boy's Pipe Band, The March2/4411
5Highland Laddie March2/4212
6My love she's but a lassie yet March2/4212
7Rantin' Rovin' Robin March2/4212
8Johnnie Cope March2/4213
9Jenny's Bawbee March2/4213
10The Brown Haired MaidenMarch2/4214
11Piper's Polka, The March2/4414
12Teribus March2/4215
13Road to the isles, The March2/4216
14The 79th Farewell to GibraltarMarch2/4416
15Siege of Delhi, The March2/4417
16Back of Bennachie, The March2/4218
17Haughs of Cromdale, The March2/4418
18Dundee Military TattooMarch2/4419
19Greenwood Side March2/4220
20Queen victoria's diamond jubilee March2/4220
21Black Bear, The March2/4321
22The Drunken PiperMarch2/4221
23Caller Herring March2/4222
24Mairi's Wedding March2/4222
25Lochanside March3/4223
26My home town March3/4223
27I see mull March3/4224
28Green hills of Tyrol, The March3/4224
29When the battle is o'ver March3/4224
30Kilworth Hills March3/4425
31Loch Maree March3/4226
32Shoals of herring March3/4226
33Cabar Feidh March4/4427
34We're no awa tae bide awa March4/4127
35Crusader's March, The March4/4228
36My Land March3/4228
37The Rowan TreeMarch4/4228
38Leaving of Liverpool, The March4/4229
39Ye jacobites by name March4/4229
40Lord Lovat's Lament March4/4229
41Lea Rig, The March4/4230
42Bonnie Galloway March4/4230
43Meeting of the Waters, The March4/4230
44Bonnie lass o' fyvie'o March4/4231
45Gallowa' hills, The March4/4231
46Badge of Scotland, The March4/4232
47Roses of prince charlie, The March4/4232
4851st highland division, The March4/4232
49Scotland the Brave March4/4233
50Bonnie Banks of loch lomond, The March4/4233
51Far o'er the sea to erin March4/4334
52Killiecrankie March4/4234
53Minstrel Boy, The March4/4235
54Scotch on the rocks March4/4235
55Bluebell's of Scotland, The March4/4235
56Cockney Jocks, The March4/4336
57Battle of the Somme, The March9/8236
58All the blue bonnets are over the border March6/8437
59Brose and butter March9/8237
60Leaving port askaig March6/8438
61Cam' ye by atholl March6/8239
62MacDonald's awa' tae the wars March6/8239
63Highland brigade at tel el kebir, The March6/8440
64Glendaruel Highlanders, The March6/8441
65Steam Boat, The March6/8242
66O'er the water to Charlie March6/8242
67Braes of Glenorchy, The March6/8242
68Kenmure's up and awa' March6/8243
69Campbells are coming, The March6/8243
70Piobaireachd of Donald Dhu, The March6/8444
71Cock of the North, The March6/8445
72Hot Punch March6/8446
73Bonnie Dundee March6/8246
74A Hundred Pipers March6/8247
75Colonel Robertson March6/8347
76Sweet Maid of Mull, The March6/8448
77Mucking of Geordie's Byre, The March6/8248
78Campbelton Loch March6/8249
79Bonawe Highlanders, The March6/8450