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Airtight Bag Seasoning

P/M William Livingstone - Bk2 Bagpipe Music


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1P/M Ozzie Reid March2/442
2Alexandra's Fancy March2/443
3Toronto Piper's Society,The March2/444
4Canada Millenium Pipe Band,The March2/425
5P/M Alex Thomson March2/425
6Duncan Pringle's Farewell to His Fourth Decade March2/426
7John Callahan March6/847
8Back to Bellahouston March6/848
9Jenny's Wedding March12/849
10Ness Walk,The March3/4211
11Leaving Arisaig March3/4211
12Frances Gandy's Diamond Year March3/4212
13Top of the Heap,The March3/4212
14Walking the Plank Hornpipe2/4313
15 Walking the Plank Harmony Hornpipe3/4,2/4,4/4314
16Parker Walk,The Hornpipe3/4,2/4315
17C' Change,A Slow Air6/8216
18Aviemore Slow Air6/8216
19Nicole's Lullaby Slow Air6/8217
20Colintrive Slide Slow Air6/8217
21Captain's Pledge,The Hornpipe2/4418
22David Caldwell  Hornpipe2/4419
23Lucy's Frolics Hornpipe2/4420
24Trouble with Yvan,The Hornpipe2/4421
25In Celtic Times Suitevarious022
26Benbecula Slow Air6/8122
27Na-Ho Slow Air6/8222
28Chieftan's Arrival,The March4/4223
29Jacobite March,A Hornpipe2/4424
30Ride to Macedonia Reel2/2125
31Irish Cousins,The Jig9/8425
32Reel Fury,A Reel2/2225
33Venus in Tweeds Reel2/2126
34Chieftan,The March4/4127
35Seskinore/Omagh Miscellaneous4/4329
36Flight from Vail Jig9/8431
37Red Moon Ramble Jig6/8432
38P/S Iain Donaldson Jig12/8433
39Brittany's Jig Jig9/8235
40Distant Wave,A Jig6/8435
41Rusty Pillow,The Jig12/8436
42Lindsay Kirkwood Jig6/8438
43Royal Goose Bay Jig6/8439
44Sean McKenna Jig6/8440
45Tribute to Johnny Doran Jig9/8441
46Mr. Orange Jig6/8442
47Miss. Lily Strathspey4/4443
48Anne Milne Strathspey4/4444
49Rodney Hull, Q.C Strathspey4/4245
50Greyfriars Julie Strathspey4/4245
51Lord Todd Bar,The Strathspey4/4246
52Wanderer,The Strathspey3/4246
53Aig Arras An Uachdaran Reel2/2247
54Links of Cavendish,The Waltz3/4247
55Hi en harin hioto hinem Reel2/2248
56Broken Tail Reel2/2248
57Dan J. Campbell's Reel Reel2/2248
58Jake Watson's Reel Reel2/2649
59Justice Jack Reel2/2250
60St. Lawrence Gap Reel2/2451
61Morrison's Reel2/2352
62Glenna MacKay Reel2/2252
63Tone Nazis,The Reel2/2153
64Three Rocks Reel2/2253
65Craig Colquhoun Miscellaneous5/4254