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Barry Shears - Bk2 Cape Breton Collection


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1Creignish Hills,The March2/421
2Glencoe March March2/421
3Valerie's Wedding March2/442
4Sandy MacBeth March2/443
5North Nova Scotia Highlanders,The March6/844
6Ballindalloch Castle March2/445
7Boys in Navy Blue,The March6/826
8Memories of Paddy LeBlanc March2/426
9CFB Ottawa Pipe Band March12/847
10Leaving Breymore March2/468
11Strathlorne March,The March2/449
12Branford,The March4/4210
13Sheila's Fancy March4/4310
14Crossing the Causeway March6/8211
15MacDonald's March March2/4311
16Leaving Gigha March2/4412
17Pipe Major Hugh MacIntyre March2/4413
181977 Glendale Festival strathspey4/4214
19Black Breeks,The strathspey4/4214
20Day We Crossed the Ferry,The March2/4214
21Ardishaig strathspey4/4215
22Barnard Castle strathspey4/4215
23Bodachan a' Ghàraidh strathspey4/4215
24Cameron's Got His Wife Again strathspey4/4216
25Gillis Point strathspey4/4216
26Sir John Sinclair's Farewell to Ulster strathspey4/4216
27John Creager strathspey4/4417
28Traditional Strathspey strathspey4/4217
29Dusky Meadow strathspey4/4218
30Fairy Piper,The strathspey4/4218
31Peter Baillie strathspey4/4218
32Highlandman Kissed His Mother,The strathspey4/4219
33Morag's Wedding strathspey4/4319
34Foxhunter's Reel,The reel2/2520
35I'll Gang nae Mair to Yon Toun strathspey4/4220
36O'er the Bows to Ballindolloch strathspey4/4220
37Ann MacQuarrie reel2/2221
38Cheticamp Reel,The reel2/2221
39Donald MacGugan's Rant reel2/2221
40Alex Currie's Reel reel2/2222
41Peter Currie reel2/2222
42Ross Bridge,The reel2/2222
43Prince of Wales,The reel2/2223
44Sandy MacIntyre's Trip to Boston reel2/2223
45Traditional Reel reel2/2223
46Thompson's Dirk reel2/2224
47Welcome Charlie Stewart reel2/2424
48Alexander William MacDonnell's reel2/2225
49Douglas MacFarlane's Victory reel2/2425
50Angus Ross of Kirtomy reel2/2426
51Left-Handed Fiddler,The reel2/2226
52Barry's Trip to Paris reel2/2227
53John MacNeil reel2/2227
54Little Drinking Cup,The reel2/2227
55Farmer's Daughter,The reel2/2228
56Glen Morrison reel2/2228
57Iggie and Squiggie reel2/2228
58Johnny's Made a Waddin' O't reel2/2229
59Kail and Pudding reel2/2229
60Old King's Reel,The reel2/2229
61Lady Seaforth reel2/2230
62Smith of Chilliechassie,The reel2/2230
63Smith of Chilliechassie,The (2nd setting) reel2/2930
64Joey Beaton's Reel reel2/2232
65More Rum for the Piper reel2/2232
66More Rum for the Piper (2nd setting) reel2/2232
67Kilt is My Delight,The reel2/2233
68London Lasses reel2/2233
69My Brothers Reel reel2/2233
70Miss Scott (1st setting) reel2/2234
71Miss Scott (2nd setting) reel2/2234
72Nameless Reel reel2/2334
73Devil in the Kitchen,The reel2/2235
74Helen Gladden's Reel reel2/2435
75Good Wife Count the Lawin reel2/2236
76Miss Proud reel2/2436
77Mrs. MacKinnon reel2/2237
78My Love is on the Ocean reel2/2237
79Old Copperplate,The reel2/2237
80My Mother's Coming reel2/2238
81Red Shoes reel2/2238
82Sandy Duff reel2/2238
83Cameronian Rant reel2/2339
84Fill the Stoup reel2/2239
85Leven Rant reel2/2239
86Banjo Breakdown clog dance2/4640
87Cockatoo,The polka2/4240
88Dougald's Favourite slip jig9/8241
89Black Sporran,The jig6/8242
90Garry Owen jig6/8242
91Bill Lamey's jig6/8243
92Bill Lamey's Delight jig6/8243
93Trip to Toronto jig6/8243
94Campbells are Coming,The jig6/8244
95Casey Lane Jig,The jig6/8244
96Felix the Wrestler jig6/8245
97Mary Cotter jig6/8245
98Cronin's Favourite jig6/8246
99Go to the Devil and Shake Yourself jig6/8246
100Happy to Meet, Sorry to Part jig6/8246
101Joys of Wedlock,The jig6/8247
102Lilting Banshee jig6/8247
103Milk In the Well jig6/8247
104Jenny's Blue Eye jig6/8248
105Rangoon to Hong Kong jig6/8448
106Capers jig6/8249
107Drover Lads,The jig6/8449
108Glendaruel Highlanders,The jig6/8350
109Irish Washerwoman,The jig6/8250
110Fraser's Jig jig6/8251
111River Bend,The jig6/8251
112Kenmure's On and Away jig6/8252
113Traditional Jig jig6/8452
114Little House Under the Hill,The jig6/8453
115Mrs. Evelyn Shears jig6/8253
116French Road,The jig6/8254
117Joe Hughie MacIntyre jig6/8254
118Riding on a Handcar jig6/8254
119MacCrimmon will Never Return Tuning Prelude6/8255
120Miss Sally Hunter jig6/8255
121My Daughter's Lullaby lullaby6/8255
122Antigonish Centenary Gathering,The slow air2/4256
123Skylark,The waltz6/8356
124Bu Dèonach Leam Tilleadh Gaelic air6/8157
125Cò an Té Òg a th'agam mar Chéile? Gaelic air6/8157
126Ho Ro Mo Nigh'ean Donn Ghuanach Gaelic air6/8157
127Mountain o' Mourne waltz3/4257
128Faìll-Ill ó Agus Hó-Ro Éile Milling Song6/4158
129Teannaibh Dlùth, is Togaibh Fonn Gaelic air6/4158
130Won't You Buy my Pretty Flowers waltz6/8258
131Parting Glass,The air2/4259
132Taverham waltz3/4259
133Venus on Earth waltz6/8259