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Queens Own High. - The Pipers Day


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1Pibroch Of Donuil Dubh March6/83
2Cabar Feidh March4/45
3March Of The Cameron Men, The March6/86
4Garb Of Old Gaul, The Slow March2/47
5Standard On The Braes Of Mar, The Strathspey4/48
6Johnnie Cope March2/49
7Up In The Morning Early March6/810
8Brose And Butter (Uilleam's Calum's March9/811
9Uilleam's Calum's Morag (Brose And March9/811
10Mac Donald's Awa Tae The War (Larry March6/812
11Larry O'Gaff (Mac Donald's Awa Tae March6/812
12Over The Water To Charlie (The Kill March6/813
13Jeannie Put The Kettle On (Jenny's March2/413
14Jenny's Bawbee (Jeannie Put The Ket March2/413
15Killogie, The (Over The Water To Ch March6/813
16Dark Lowers The Night Retreat March3/415
17Gordon Castle (The Red Coat, I Am A March2/417
18Red Coat, The (Gordon Castle,I Am A March2/417
19I Am Alone Since My Wife Died (Gord March2/417
20Bannocks Of Barley Meal March12/818
21Marquis Of Huntley's Highland Fling Strathspey4/420
22High Road To Linton, The Reel2/221
23Jock Wilson's Ball Reel2/221
24Cabar Feidh Strathspey4/422
25Cabar Feidh Reel2/223
26Donald Cameron March2/425
27Maggie Cameron Strathspey4/426
28Sandy Cameron Reel2/227
29Liverpool Hornpipe, The Hornpipe2/428
30Save The King (Cuidich 'N Righ) March6/829
31Cuidich 'N Righ (Save The King) March6/829
32Corn Rigs March2/430
3372nd Highlanders, The (Duke Of Al March6/831
34Duke Of Albany Highlanders', The (T March6/831
35Highland Laddie March2/432
36Highland Laddie March2/432
37Sleep Dearie Sleep (Sleep My Love, Slow Air6/833
38Soldier Lie Down On Your Wee Pickle Slow Air6/833
39Lochaber No More (see Cabar Feidh C Slow Air2/433
40Sleep Dearie Sleep(Soldier Lie Down Slow Air6/833
41Sleep My Love (Sleep Dearie Sleep, Slow Air6/833
42Chadal Ma Ghaoil (Sleep Dearie Slee Slow Air6/833
43Up And Waur Them All, Willie March2/434
44Bundle And Go (The Wee, Wee Man) March6/835
45Wee, Wee Man, The (Bundle And Go) March6/835
46All The Blue Bonnets Are Over The B March6/836
47Lads With The Kilt (Gillean Nan Fhe March6/837
48Gillean Nan Fheile (Lads With The K March6/837
49Scotland For Ever March4/438
50Point Of War, The March2/439
51Chimi Ma Mor-Bheanna(Mist Covered M Slow Air6/840
52Isle Of Heather, The Slow Air6/8040
53Eilean An Fhraoich Slow Air6/8040
54Mist Covered Mountains (Hail To The Slow Air6/840
55I Love The Highlands (Is Toigh Leam Slow Air6/840
56Is Toigh Leam An Gaeltachd (I Love Slow Air6/840
57Hail To The Mighty Bens (Mist Cover Slow Air6/840
58My Home (Mo Dachaidh) Slow Air6/841
59Mo Dachaidh (My Home) Slow Air6/841
60Skye Gathering, The Slow March2/442
6125th November 1960 March6/844
62Inverness Gathering, The March2/447
63Loch Duich Slow March6/848
6479th Highlanders March4/449
65Saint Andrew's Cross Slow March2/449
66Dornoch Links, The March2/452
67Highland Brigade At Tel-El-Kebir, T March6/853
68Ho Ro My Nut Brown Maiden (The Brow March2/454
69Brown Haired Maiden, The (Ho Ro My March2/454
70Bugle Horn, The March6/855
7151st Highlnd Division At Wadi Aka March2/456
72Over The Chindwin March6/857
73We Will Take The Good Old Way (Gabh March2/459
7479th's Farewell To Gibraltar, The March2/460
75Oh But Ye've Been Lang A-Coming (W March2/461
76Happy We've Been A'Thegither (Willi March2/461
77Man's A Man For All That, A March2/462
78Good New Year To One And All, A March4/463
79Flowers Of The Forest Funeral March6/864
80Seaforth Lullaby, The (We Will Retu Slow Air6/865
81Theid Mi Dhachaidh Chro Chinn T-Sai Slow Air6/865
82We Will Return Home To Kintail (The Slow Air6/865
83We Will Return Home To Kintail (The Slow Air6/865
84I Hae A Wife O' My Ain March9/866
85Salute To The Queen's Own Highlande Piobaireachd4/467