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Battlefield Band: Forward With Scotlands Past


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1Crann Tara Hornpipe2/49
2Madadh Ruadh Hornpipe2/49
3Conway's Farewell Reel4/410
4Short-coated Mary Reel4/410
5Togail Curs Air Leodhas Slow Air6/811
6E Kostez An Henbont 3/411
7The Five Sisters Reel4/412
8The Rising Moon Reel Reel4/413
9The Struggle Reel4/413
10The Unmade Bed Jig6/814
11The Farmer's Daughter Reel4/414
12Lady Doll Sinclair Reel4/415
13The Tide's Out Reel4/416
14Dougie's Decision Jig6/816
15Willie Roy's Loomhouse Reel4/417
16Knopogue Jig6/818
17Christmas Carousal Reel4/418
18Reid's Rant Strathspey4/420
19Sandy Thompson Jig6/821
20Tending The Steer Jig9/822
21The Calrossie Cattle Wife Jig6/822
22Kilcoy's March March6/824
23Dick Gosspi's Reel Reel4/424
24Joseph MacDonald's Jig Jig6/825
25The Snuff Wife Jig6/826