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McCallum Bagpipes

Quinnmusic Collection


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1The Liddell House in Inveraray March12/847
2Mary Millar March6/8 9/848
3Argyle the Gargoyle March6/849
4Farewell to Black Hill March2/4610
5Port Fairy March3/4211
6Susi's Rollabout March6/8412
7Catch the Dragon Strathspey4/4213
8Fizz, Bert n' Bumble Strathspey4/4213
9Port Fairy Folk Festival Strathspey3/4213
10The Kerr Clan Caravan Strathspey4/4414
11Marion's Bonnet Strathspey4/4214
12Snip the Bits Strathspey4/4215
13Lack of Composure Strathspey4/4215
14Strathann Reel Reel2/2216
15Miss Jeanette Leanne Strathspey4/4216
16Strathann Strathspey4/4216
17Barney's Shrinking Head Reel2/2217
18High Street Reel Reel2/2217
19A Couple of Convicts Reel2/2217
20I Don't Know Reel2/2418
21Battered Wings Reel2/2218
22Davochfin Reel2/2319
23Hold On Reel2/2420
24Chanter Free Zone Reel2/2421
25Rat Boy Reel2/2221
26Ronnie McKeegan Reel2/2622
27Chili Wisdom Air12/8223
28The Stout Tent Reel2/2223
29Airthrey Loch Air6/8 9/8224
30Processional Air6/4124
31The Cricket of Bumby Avenue Jig6/8225
32The Hierophant Air6/4225
33Krista's Alias Jig6/8426
34Madness Never Stops Jig9/8427
35Yogic Flying Glen Jig6/8227
36The Wrong Ending Jig6/8 9/8228
37The Vaporizer Jig6/8428
38Mati Rankshar Jig6/8429
39Piping Hot Summer Drummer Jig6/8430
40The Three Prophets Jig6/8431
41The Blue Cloud Jig6/8632
42The Land of Never Again Jig9/8333
43Jamie McInnes' Ceilidh Polka2/4434
44Arran Campbell Hornpipe2/4435
45Cathy's Dreaded Jammies Hornpipe2/4436
46Heather's Wedding Day Hornpipe2/4437
47Stumbling Through the Gray Area Hornpipe2/4438
48Duke the Grinna' Hornpipe2/4439
49The Gorge Hornpipe2/4440
50The Troll Toss Hornpipe2/4441
51The First Six Hours Hornpipe2/4442
52Don't Let Your Fizz Fizzle Out Hornpipe2/4443
53The Wolfson Thieves Hornpipe2/4444
54The Queen of Goths Hornpipe2/4345
55A Brief Enlightenment Waltz3/8446
56Diego's Blackout Waltz3/8247
57The Big Picture Waltz3/8247
58The Queen of the Rushes Waltz3/8248
59Rocking the Baby Waltz3/8248
60Salute to the Cathedral Trees Piobaireachd4/4849