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Airtight Bag Seasoning

Ryan Canning - Full Monty


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1P/M Vernon Hetherington March2/445
2Drum Major James A. Harrington March6/846
3Mrs Jayne Elder March6/847
4Runrig Glen Sannox March6/828
5Percy's Golden Anniversary March6/828
6Hecla Strathspey4/449
7Madge McDonald's Wedding Strathspey4/4210
8Triple Strike, The Reel2/2210
9Creatively Blocked Reel2/2411
10Piping Poodle, The Reel2/2212
11Dudley Lyle Reel2/2212
12Take Two Reel2/2213
13Megan's Request Reel2/2213
14Ernie's Manor Reel2/2214
15Agony in Arbroath Reel2/2214
16Double F Dilemma, The Reel2/2215
17Double F Dilemma, The V2 Reel2/2316
18Big Duncan's Reel Reel2/2217
19Cheesy Chip, The Reel2/2217
20Above the Clouds Slow Air12/8118
21Unknown Air, The Slow Air4/4219
22New Age, The Hornpipe2/4420
23Stevie's First Bar Hornpipe2/4421
24Three Devils, The Hornpipe2/4422
25Dr. Drone Hornpipe2/4223
26Leaving Londonderry Hornpipe2/4424
27Waterman, The Hornpipe2/4425
28Impasse, The Hornpipe2/4426
29No Regrets Hornpipe2/4427
30Midnight in Glasgow Hornpipe2/4428
31Davy's New Wheels Hornpipe2/4229
32Belmont Hillbillies, The Hornpipe2/4229
33One-way Ticket, The Hornpipe2/4330
34Miramachi Canook, The Hornpipe2/4231
35Musselburgh Experience, The Hornpipe2/4231
36Ivan Gillespie's Hornpipe2/4432
37Full Monty, The Hornpipe2/4533
38Todd's Jig Jig6/8234
39Widow Maker, The Jig6/8435
40Andy's Thick Edge Jig6/8236
41Dunoon Drone Disaster, The Jig6/8236
42Cupid Kilbride Jig6/8437
43Ryan's Reason Jig6/8438
44Haitian Sensation, The Jig6/8239
45Road to Ballygowan, The Jig6/8440
46Big Move, The Jig6/8241
47Johnny the Bush Whacker Jig6/8241
48Bus From Balloch, The Jig6/8442
49John Fettis's Consternation Jig6/8443
50Sandy Campbell's Underpants Jig6/8244
51Whistlestop Cafe, The Jig6/8445
52Calm Before The Storm Suite4/4 2/4 6/82146