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Airtight Bag Seasoning

Scots Guards New Tunes Book 1


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1Sands of Wahibah, The March6/89
2Braglenmore March6/810
3Captain Gary Spence's farewell to Edinburgh Castle March6/811
4Miss Chloe Simpson March6/812
5Haughdale, The March6/813
6Butchers Silver, The March6/814
7Sam Sumner March6/815
8Marjor K. B. Holling March6/816
9Belloque Ferox March6/818
10Alma, The March4/419
11Lt. Col. A.J. Miller-Bakewell March2/420
12Major Willie Swinton March2/421
13Clachan Bridge March4/422
14Lauren Alice Alexander March4/423
15Pipe Major Gordon Webster March6/824
16Maybank March2/425
17Lady Georgina Bruce March4/426
18Earl of Elgin, The March2/427
19Earl of Dunmore's March, The March2/428
20Lt.Col. J. A. Kneale M.B.E. March2/429
21Mr. And Mrs. John Edwards March6/830
22Lament for Angus Piobaireachd2/431
23MacKays Weekend in Oban Strathspey4/432
24Captain Sam Orwin Strathspey4/433
25The Silver FoxReel2/439
26Tron Tavern, The Reel2/440
27Combie Street Ceilidh, The Reel2/441
28Parahandy Reel2/442
29Doodle, The Reel2/443
30Cameron Wallace Reel2/444
31Boacher, The Reel2/445
32Euan's Pizza Reel2/446
33Vicky's Reelin Reel2/447
34Ben Lora Slow Air6/848
35James Trolland Slow Air6/849
36Colquhoun Waltz, The Waltz6/850
37MacPhisto the Devil Waltz3/851
38Lorne Waltz Waltz2/452
39George's Jig Jig6/853
40Upside down by Midnight Jig6/854
41Humours of Combie Street, The Jig6/855
42Day trip to Calais Jig6/856
43Bunny's Banter Jig6/857
44Calum MacLean Jig6/858
45Joe Crook's Singin Session Jig6/858
46B.A. to Bangkok Jig9/859
47Rose Mae's Jig Jig2/460
48Swifter than a Weavers Shuttle Jig2/461
49Band bus boogie Jig6/862
50Jimmy Tweedie of Inveran House Jig6/863
51Quaich, The Hornpipe2/465
52Shmeakit Hornpipe2/466
53Elevated to the Peerage Hornpipe2/467
54Hoolit, The Hornpipe2/468
55Silver Tassie, The Hornpipe2/469
56Skye the Westie Hornpipe2/470
57Hanging Gale, The Hornpipe2/471
58Calvados Kid Hornpipe2/472