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Airtight Bag Seasoning

Seconds from the Edge - Vol 1


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1Cutting Bracken March2|411
2Lochanside March3|422
3Lochanside March3|423
4Green hills of Tyrol March3|424
5Green hills of Tyrol March3|424
6When the battle is over March3|425
7When the battle is over March3|425
8Loch Maree March3|426
9Loch Maree March3|427
10PM J.K. Cairns March6|428
11PM J.K. Cairns March6|429
12Shoals of Herring March3|4210
13Shoals of Herring March3|4210
14Rowan Tree March4|4211
15Rowan Tree March4|4211
16Crags of Tumbledown Mountain March4|4312
17Crags of Tumbledown Mountain March4|4313
18Sally Wilson March4|4214
19Sally Wilson March4|4214
201976 Police Tattoo March4|4215
211976 Police Tattoo March4|4215
22We're no awa tae bide awa March4|4116
23We're no awa tae bide awa March4|4116
24Auld Lang Syne March4|4217
25Auld Lang Syne March4|4217
26Lord Lovats Lament March4|4218
27Lord Lovats Lament March4|4218
28Bonnie Dondee March6|8219
29Bonnie Dondee March6|8219
30Heights of Dargai March9|8220
31Heights of Dargai March9|8220
32Abbieville March9|8221
33Abbieville March9|8221
34Heather Grant of Strathyre March9/8222
35Heather Grant of Strathyre March9|8222
36Children of Larbert March9|8223
37Children of Larbert March9|8223
38Stonemountain March March12|8424
39Stonemountain March March12|8124
40Hector the hero Slow Air6|8225
41Hector the hero Slow Air6|8225
42Cha till MacCruimmen Slow Air6|8226
43Cha till MacCruimmen Slow Air6|8226
44Ellen Vanin Slow Air3|4227
45Ellen Vanin Slow Air3|4227
46Fair maid of Barra Slow Air6|4128
47Fair maid of Barra Slow Air6|4128
48Banks and Braes of bonnie doon Slow Air6|8129
49Banks and Braes of bonnie doon Slow Air6|8129
50Oft in a stilly night Slow Air6|8230
51Oft in a stilly night Slow Air6|8230
52Going Home Slow Air6|8331
53Going Home Slow Air6|8331
54Morag of Dunvegan Slow Air6|8232
55Morag of Dunvegan Slow Air6|6233
56Amazing Grace Slow Air3|4234
57Amazing Grace Slow Air3|4235
58Guo Gan Slow Air6|8236
59Guo Gan Slow Air6|8236
60Pipers Prayer Slow Air6|8237
61Rocking the baby Jig6|8238
62Rocking the baby Jig6|8238
63Tripping up the stairs Jig6|8239
64Tripping up the stairs Jig6|8239
65Barbara's Jig Jig6|8240
66Barbara's Jig Jig6|8240
67Oft in a stilly night Jig6|8141
68Oft in a stilly night Jig6|8241
69Itchy Fingers Reel2|2242
70Itchy Fingers Reel2|2243
71Angus Stewart Reel2|2244
72Angus Stewart Reel2|2144