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McCallum Bagpipes

Seumas MacNeill - Collection Part 1


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1Fair Maid of Barra, The Slow Air6/81
2Bonnie Isle of Coll Slow Air3/41
3Kintail Slow Air4/42
4MacGregor of Ruara Slow Air9/82
5Banks of the Kelving Slow Air6/83
6MacLeod's Oran Mor Slow Air6/83
7MacNeill's Oran Mor Slow Air6/84
8Tir Nan Og Slow Air6/84
9The Balmoral HighlandersMarch2/45
10David Ross March2/46
11Hugh MacPhee March2/47
12Jeannie Carruthers March2/48
13John MacDonald of Glencoe March2/49
14John MacFadyen of Melfort March2/410
15Major Byng M Wright March2/411
16Miss Forbes Farewell to Banff March2/412
1774th's Farewell to Edinburgh March2/413
18Lyndhurst March6/814
19Duncan Johnston March2/415
20Ranald Beag Slow Air6/816
21Kamak-San March6/817
22Sandy Clark March6/818
23Seumas MacNeill March6/819
241st's Farewell to Egypt, The March6/820
25Islay Ball, The Strathspey4/421
26Seamster Loch Strathspey4/422
27Mrs Donald MacPherson Strathspey4/423
28Neil Sutherland of Lairg Strathspey4/424
29Maggie Cameron Strathspey4/425
30Donald MacPhee Reel4/4026
31Lady in the Bottle, The Jig6/827
32Back of the Moon, The Reel4/427
33Angus MacLeod of Scalpay's Jig Jig6/828
34Echoes of Oban Jig6/829
35In Sight of Ireland Jig6/830
36Iain Grant Jig6/831
37Braes of Mellinish, The Jig6/832
38Connaughtman's Rambles, The Jig6/833
39Marjorie Lowe Jig6/834
40Rakes of Kildare Jig6/835
41Banks of the Allan, The Jig6/836
42Stool of Repentance, The Jig6/837
43Ronnie Lawrie's Rant Jig6/838
44Jim Tweedie's Sealegs Hornpipe2/439
45Tending the Cattle with a Heavy Hea Jig9/840
46Marquis of Huntly Strathspey4/442
47Devil in the Kitchen Strathspey4/442
48Sean Truibhais Strathspey2/443
49Gillie Challum Strathspey4/444
50Reel of Tulloch Reel4/445
51Lord Blantyre Strathspey4/445
52Mrs MacLeod of Raasay Reel4/446
53Blackbird, The Hornpipe2/447
54High Road to Linton Reel4/447
55Paddy O'Rafferty Jig6/848