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Airtight Bag Seasoning

Seumas MacNeill - Book 2


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1Braes of Cat Lodge Slow Air9/81
2Edendarroch Slow Air6/82
3Samantha's Lullaby Slow Air6/83
4MacNeill's Tuning Phrase Slow Air3
5MacNeill's Resolve March6/84
6Leuchie Lodge March3/45
7Civil Engineers March2/47
8Jubilee Jaunt March9/87
9Dr. J.S. Chapman March6/88
10Hugh K. Clarkson March6/89
11Dr. John MacAskill's Welcome to Fort William March6/810
12Rory MacNeill March11
13PM John Wilson, Toronto March6/812
14George Perry C.B.E. March6/813
15Chief Constable JR Little of Dundee March4/414
16Glenfiddich March6/815
17PM Peter Philliban March6/816
18The battle of somme March9/816
19Andrew S. Hillis March6/817
20Farewell to Scotland March2/418
21Donald MacLean's Farewell to Oban March2/419
22Glecoe Mountains Rscue Team March2/420
23PM Ian MacLeod March2/421
24Colonel Jock, Viewfield March6/822
25Major Manson at Clachantrushal March2/423
26Mrs. John MacColl March2/424
27Inverlochy Castle March2/425
28Farewell to Nigg March3/426
29Cameron's Welcome March9/827
30Farewell to the Auld House March4/428
31Ellen MacLaughlin Strathspey4/429
32Flower of the Hills Strathspey4/430
33Inveraray Castle Strathspey4/431
34Lights of Winter Strathspey4/432
35Captain Duncan MacGregor Strathspey4/433
36Ptarmigan's Reel Reel2/434
37The Merry Men of Mey Reel2/435
38Major Manson at Clachantrushal Reel2/436
39Roddie Ross of Brora Reel2/437
40Alexander MacAskill of Bernera, Harris Jig6/838
41Mrs. Angus MacDonald of Tiree Jig6/839
42Old Farmhouse Jig6/840
43Flets Workman Jig6/841
44Donald's Dirk Jig6/842
45Davy Patrick's Ceilidh Jig6/843
46Off Beat Jig6/844
47Gary Allan Jig6/844
48Joe McGann's Fiddle Hornpipe2/445
49Gareloch Waltz3/446