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McCallum Bagpipes

Terry Tully - Collection of trad. Irish Music - Book 1


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1Sruleen Park March4/421
2March Down the Aisle March4/421
3Glendale Meadows March4/422
475th Anniversary March March4/422
5Little House Under the Hill Reel4/423
6Congress Reel Reel4/423
7Boys Of Malin Reel4/444
8Swallow's Tail Reel4/425
9Ice In The Bucket (1st Setting) Reel4/425
10Otter's Holt Reel4/446
11Lord Ramsay Reel4/427
12Austin Tierney's Reel4/427
13Boys of the Lough Reel4/428
14Silver Spear Reel4/428
15Banshee Reel4/439
16Drunken Landlady Reel4/429
17O'Rourke's Reel4/4210
18Gravel Walk Reel4/4210
19Hughie Travers Reel4/4210
20Yellow Tinker Reel4/4211
21Rocking the Baby Reel4/4211
22Town of Ballybay Reel4/4211
23Ballintore Fancy Reel4/4412
24Mouse in the Bag of Potatoes Reel4/4213
25McFadden's Reel4/4213
26Humours of Tulla Reel4/4413
27Mountain Road Reel4/4214
28Ice in the Bucket (2nd setting) Reel4/4214
29Lismurrane Lamps Reel4/4215
30Cup of Tea Reel4/4215
31Buttevante Castle Reel4/4215
32Eagle's Whistle (Waltz) Waltz3/8216
33Ass In The Graveyard Waltz6/8216
34Surleen Gael Waltz6/8217
35Sonny's Mazurka Waltz3/8218
36Drops of Brandy Waltz3/8218
37Do You Love an Apple Air6/8119
38Eagle's Whistle Air3/4219
39Tommy Tully's Air Air6/8220
40Teddy O'Neill Air3/4220
41Madame Bonaparte Hornpipe2/4221
42Plains of Boyle Hornpipe2/4221
43Rainbow Hornpipe2/4422
44Downfall of Paris Hornpipe2/4423
45Pumpkin's Fancy Hornpipe2/4424
46Ballintore Hornpipe Hornpipe2/4525
47Navvy on the Line Hornpipe2/4426
48Top Hat Tom Hornpipe2/4527
49Going to the Well for Water Jig12/8428
50Hughie Travers Jig6/8229
51My Darling Asleep Jig6/8229
52Friars Britches Jig6/8530
53Kesh Jig Jig6/8131
54Hag at the Churn Jig6/8331
55Queen Of The Rushes Jig6/8532
56Drops of Brandy Jig9/8433
57O'Farrell's Welcome to Limerick Jig9/8433
58Condons Frolics (1) Jig6/8234
59Condons Frolics (2) Jig6/8234
60Pipe on the Hob Jig6/8335
61Elizabeth Kelly's Delight Jig9/8235
62Hag with the Money Jig6/8436
63Old Hag You've Killed Me Jig6/8237
64Out in the Ocean Jig6/8237
65Rolling Wave Jig6/8238
66Moll Roe Jig9/8238
67Rocking the Baby Jig6/8239
68Jimmy Ward's Jig Jig6/8239
69Little House Under the Hill Jig6/8240
70Cook in the Kitchen Jig6/8240
71Old Hag at the Kiln Jig6/8441
72Give Us A Drink of water Jig9/8242
73Patsy Geary's Jig12/8242
74Frahar's Jig Jig6/8443
75Paddy Clancy's Jig6/8244
76Tar Road to Sligo Jig6/8244
77Sonny Brogan's Jig6/8445
78Humours Of Ballyloughlin Jig6/8446
79Maid on the Green (1) Jig6/8247
80Maid on the Green (2) Jig6/8247
81Merrily Danced the Quaker's Wife Jig6/8448