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Terry Tully - Collection of trad. Irish Music - Book 2


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1Balscadden Bay March6/81
2Yellow Walls and Potholes March6/82
3Young Composer, The March2/42
4Five Lamps, The March6/83
5Molly Darlin' March4/44
6Farewell to Ballinascorney March2/44
7Sergeant Trevor Gray R.U.C. March6/85
8O'Byrne Across the Glen March4/46
9Captain Bill Howarth's March March2/46
10Dust Gatherer, The March4/47
11Richard's gone Bananas Waltz6/88
12John Rea the Drummer Waltz6/49
13Water Babies, The Waltz6/810
14Town of Ballybay, The Waltz3/810
15Hills of Kesh,The Reel4/411
16Galway Whistler, The Reel4/411
17Scholar, The Reel4/412
18Within a mile of Dublin Reel4/412
19Curragh Races, The Reel4/413
20Maple Tree, The Reel4/413
21Rakish Paddy Reel4/414
22Chicago Reel, The Reel4/414
23Old Bush, The Reel4/415
24Last Night's Fun Reel4/415
25Nora O'Neill Reel4/416
26First Slip, The Reel4/416
27Hag at the Churn, The Reel4/416
28Little Bag, The Reel4/417
29Scholar, The Reel4/417
30Steeple Clock, The Reel4/418
31Eyebrows Reel4/418
32Tripping up the stairs Reel4/419
33Big Ship, The Reel4/419
34The Girl from DungannonAir3/420
35Shana golden Air6/820
36Banks of the Lee, The Air3/421
37Bard of Armagh, The Air6/821
38Michael Faughnan's Air Air4/422
39Break of Day, The Air3/422
40Give us a Minute Jig6/823
41Willie Clancy's Paidin O'Raifeartaigh Jig6/824
42Congress Reel, The Jig6/825
43Kitty Lie over Jig6/825
44Wee Buns Jig6/826
45Sean Coughlan's Jig Jig6/826
46Johnny the Tree Wrecker Jig6/827
47Nightmare on Ringhaddy Avenue Jig6/828
48Irish Washer Woman, The Jig6/829
49Connaught Man's Ramble, The Jig6/829
50Dirty Lough, The Jig6/830
51Marley Jig, The Jig6/830
52Harry's Broken Item Jig6/831
53Navvy on the Line, The Jig6/832
54Within a mile of Dublin Jig6/833
55Big Ship, The Jig6/833
56Shepherd's Daughter, The Jig6/833
57Fuddler, The Jig6/834
58Dublin Jig, The Jig6/834
59Charlie Lennon's Jig Jig6/835
60Kid on the Mountain, The Jig9/836
61Off to the Races Jig6/837
62Gollowglass, The Jig6/837
63Tripping up the stairs Jig6/838
64The Boys of the LoughJig6/838
65Eric Stein Hornpipe2/439
66Queen of the Rushes Hornpipe2/440
67Tall Man, The (Seamus Madden) Hornpipe2/441
68Brian Boru's Hornpipe Hornpipe2/442
69Monkey on the Pony, A Hornpipe2/442
70Davy Rambo Nolan Hornpipe2/443
71Joe O'Leary's Fancy Hornpipe2/444
72Trapper John M.D. Hornpipe2/445
73Cork Hornpipe, The Hornpipe2/446
74Boys of Blue Hill, The Hornpipe2/446
75Bumpy Old Road, The Hornpipe2/447
76Johnny the Tree Wrecker Hornpipe2/448
77Empty Purse, The Hornpipe2/449
78Itch and Scratch Hornpipe2/449
79Wee bit out of the Ordinary, A Hornpipe2/450
80Burst Mattress, The Hornpipe2/451