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Terry Tully - Collection of trad. Irish Music - Book 3


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1Yvonne Whitsitt Hornpipe
2Rover's Return Hornpipe
3Rose of Arranmore Slow Air
4Rocky Road to Dublin Jig
5Rocky Road to Dublin Waltz
6Robin's Red Breast Reel
7Quirkey's Broken Glasses Hornpipe
8Pinch of Snuff Reel
9Pikeman's March March
10Part Time Pipers March
11Old Joe Jig
12Off to the Races Hornpipe
13O'Sullivan's March March
14O'Sullivan's SLIDE
15O'Redigan's Reel
16O'Gorman's March
17O'Connell's March March
18Rubber Legs Hornpipe
19Saddle the Pony Jig
20Sharon's Cat Hornpipe
21Wrap the Green Flag Round Me Boys March
22Wrafter's Jam Jig
23Wrafter's Box of Matches Jig
24White Lady Hornpipe
25Whisky Bus Jig
26Whelan's Old Sow Jig
27Valley of Knockanure Slow Air
28Surprised Faces Hornpipe
29Strutting Jig Jig
30Sponger Reel
31South West Wind Jig
32Simon's Banger Jig
33Silver Bridge Jig
34Sidewinder Hornpipe
35Shona Elle Jig
36Shepherd's Daughter Reel
37O'Connell's SLIDE
38New Crossroads Jig
39Eddie's Reel Reel
40Eddie's Lamentation Slow Air
41Ducking and Diving Hornpipe
42Drunken Gauger Jig
43Double Standards Waltz
44Doctor Death Jig
45Chasing Shadows Hornpipe
46Charlie Lennon's Hornpipe
47Cathy's Willie Hornpipe
48Casey's Jig Jig
49Captain Michael Egan March
50Bouncing Czech Hornpipe
51Boolavogue Slow Air
52Bone Rattler Hornpipe
53Begley's Slide SLIDE
54Beamish Hornpipe Hornpipe
55Farewell to Ballinascorney Reel
56First Slip Jig
57Flannagan's Fumbles Hornpipe
58Neil J. Conway Hornpipe
59Mike Rennie's Washing Machine Reel
60MacCarthy's Favourite Reel
61Lucy's Song March
62Little Fair Cannavans Jig
63Lilting Banshee Jig
64Kitty Magee Jig
65Kinkenny Jig Jig
66Hamilton's Nut Sack Hornpipe
67Goldfinch Reel
68Glue Pot Reel
69Girl in the Big House Jig
70Gan Ainm SLIDE
71Galway Whistler Waltz
72Gallowglass Reel
73Foggy Eyes Hornpipe
74Ashmolean House Reel