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The Victoria Collection by Colin Magee


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1World Championships, Glasgow 1980 March
2The MacKendrick's of Portland March
3The Laird of Sherringham Jig
4The Hilders Wedding March March
5The Drunkard's Lullaby Reel
6The Colonel's Bugle March
7The Braw Wee Drummer March
8The Brass Donkey Hornpipe
9The Blue Jay Jig
10The BJ Lady Hornpipe
11The Barlogan Stumble Hornpipe
12The Ash Grove Air
13The Anniversary Waltz Waltz
14Tales Frae the Gow Jig
15Sturgeon Eggs P.B. Hornpipe
16South to Turner Valley March
17Sherry Evan's of Dungeness Strathspey
18Robson's Golden Wedding March
19The MacPherson's of Poco Reel
20The New Strathspey Strathspey
21The Old Strathspey Strathspey
22White Balloon's and Black Leather Jig0-
23Wendy Thompson Hornpipe
24Unreel Reel
25U424 March
26Troy's Wedding Jig
27Tricia Mae Geddes March
28Tracy Lynn Geddes March
29The Starcraft Trip to Glencoe Jig
30The Sooke Pipe Band March
31The Son's of Scotland March
32The Sitting Duck Hornpipe
33The Shepherd's Reel Reel
34The Shady Tree March
35The Seami Hornpipe
36The Sayward Shuffle Hornpipe
37The Ruby Slipper's Strathspey
38The Phantom Phiddler Hornpipe
39Robert Hutton's Hornpipe Hornpipe
40Pugwash the Smuggler Jig
41Poverty Bay Air
42G.T.F.Y.B March
43Fitzy's Birthday Present Jig
44Fiji Love Song Air
45Elizabeth's Dancing Shoe's Strathspey
46Dusty Miller's Farewell to Dieppe March
47David Haws at Richmond Hill Hornpipe
48Crossroad Bound March
49Cooney's Waltz Waltz
50Colorado Roadhouse Jig
51Colonel Morrison Jig
52Cogaron March
53Cliff and Jean's Waltz Waltz0-
54Chelsea Elizabeth Hardie March
55Brute 13 March
56Big Archie March
57Benjamin Kelly Jig
58Beausejour Cottage March
59Gilligan's Singing Pipes Hornpipe
60Gordon McCulloch's Red Sock's Hornpipe
61Gordon's Jig Jig
62Peter the Leader March
63Patrick Troy Jig
64Pasta on a Friday Hornpipe
65Nine in a Row March
66Mrs. Gerri Magee Strathspey
67Master Sargent Davie Laws Hornpipe
68Mary Greer March
69Mairin/Harmony Air
70Long Lake Jig
71Long Drive Home Reel
72Lament for the Forfar Bridie Air
73Lament for Pipe Major Harry MacAleer Lament
74Kelvinhaugh Street Spirits Jig
75Kayla's Passing Jig
76Johnny's Slumb-O-Matic Reel
77James Patrick Troy March
78Indoor Driving Jig
79Alicia Rae Fells/Harmony March