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McCallum Bagpipes

Williams,Scott - Bk4 Nova Scotia


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1Scott Williams' Farewell to the Black Isle March6/846
2P/M Andrew Venters of Culloden March2/447
3In Back of Tomnahurich March2/448
4Poyntzfield House March2/449
5Craig Phadrig March2/4410
6Vera Henderson's Visit to Inverness March2/4411
7Rambling Rector March,The March2/4412
8Mrs. Aileen Matheson of Kirkhill March2/4413
9John Walsh's Welcome to Antigonish March2/4414
10Tomnacross Pipers,The March2/4215
11December Break March2/4215
12Inverness Bonnie Brae Pipe Band,The March2/4215
13Drumnadrochit March3/4216
14Tore Roundabout,The March3/4216
15Lyghtsome Gallery March3/4216
16Antigonish Tartan,The March4/4217
17Swans of Beauly Firth,The March3/4217
18John Williams' Walk to Truro March4/4218
19Mrs. Kay 'the Ridge' MacDonald March4/4218
20Waligoe Steps,The March4/4218
21Dalgety Road March4/4219
22Mrs. Rita MacIsaac March4/4219
23Train to Seven Oaks,The March4/4219
24Mrs. Wilena MacInnis Penny March6/8420
25Mr. Douglas Fraser of Waterville,NY March6/8421
26Black Isle Jr Pipe Band,The March6/8422
27Mrs. Jean MacDonald of Drumchardine March6/8423
28Mrs. Sandy Sinclair's March March6/8424
29Bells of Kiltarlity,The March6/8425
30Williams' Point March6/8426
31Mr. Tony MacCulloch(Rector,Charleston Academy) March6/8427
32Balnain House March6/8428
33Balnafettack Crescent March6/8429
34Ardival Harps March6/8430
35Leo 'John A's' March March6/8431
36Campbells of Canna,The Strathspey4/4232
37Leaving Kiltarlity March6/8132
38Achnagairn March9/8232
39Nayland House Strathspey4/4233
40Anne Duncan's Strathspey Strathspey4/4233
41Gordon Sinclair's Strathspey Strathspey4/4233
42Big Painter,The Strathspey4/4234
43Zeph's Hill Strathspey4/4234
44Sylvie's Strathspey Strathspey4/4234
45Castle Stuart Reel Reel2/2235
46Camustianavaig Reel Reel2/2235
47Hotel Taylor Reel Reel2/2236
48Birds at Breakfast Reel,The Reel2/2436
49Skye Ball,The Reel2/2237
50Dane Grant's Reel Reel2/2237
51Tomnacross Autumn Fair Waltz6/8237
52House in Moss,The Slow Air6/8238
53Glenborrodale House Slow Air6/8238
54Weekend in Caithness Slow Air6/8238
55Bill Taylor,Clarsair Slow Air6/8239
56Bohuntin Slow Air6/8239
57Pillars,The Slow Air6/8239
58Mrs. Muriel MacQueen Jig9/8240
59Kiltarlity Waltz,The Waltz6/8240
60Marymas Fair,The Jig9/8240
61Mrs. Fran Baldner Jig6/8441
62Mrs. Leona Williams Jig6/8442
63Ashley MacIsaac's Jig Jig6/8443
64Portobello Road Jig6/8444
65King of the Picts,The Jig6/8445
66Eden Court Ceilidh Jig6/8446
67Bernadette's Hornpipe Hornpipe4/4447
68Greig Street Bridge,The Hornpipe2/4448