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McCallum Bagpipes

Worrall,Andrew W. - Port City Collection


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1Welcome To Saint John March4/441
2Adam McBride Takes The King's Shilling March4/442
3Firefighter,The March4/443
4Coxwell Avenue March4/444
5Ku Hatchi March,The March9/825
6Gail Pocock's March To The Island March9/825
7D. Cameron's Welcome To Campbellton March6/846
8P/M John Elliott,O.B.E. March6/847
9D/M John F. MacMillan March6/848
10Brendan Patrick McCarthy March6/849
11Anne Jean Skeoch March6/8410
12P/M Larry Wilson March2/4411
13Alan Buchanan's March To The V. & A March2/4412
14Dr. Pauline Alakjia March2/4413
15Donald Thom March2/4414
16Maritime Solution,The Strathspey4/4415
17Tamara's Choice Strathspey4/4416
18P/S Duncan Pringle Strathspey4/4217
19Strathspey For Jessica,A Strathspey4/4217
20Sabhal Mor Ostaig Reel2/2218
21McCarthy Connection,The Reel2/2218
22Adrienne Reel2/2219
23Bogleha' Reel2/2219
24Disgruntled Magistrate,The Reel2/2220
25Mrs. Joan Gordon Neill Reel2/2220
26Ale Is Dear,The Reel2/2221
27Pigeon On The Gate,The Reel2/2221
28Caledonian Society Of London,The Reel2/2222
29Gas Works,The Reel2/2222
30J. B. Reel,The Reel2/2423
31Rejected Suitor,The Reel2/2424
32Give It Up Reel2/2425
33Song Of Albion,The Slow Air6/8226
34Fiona's Dream Slow Air6/8226
35Grand Lodge Of Nova Scotia,The Slow Air6/8227
36Marco Polo,The Slow Air6/8227
37Megan Lindsay's Lullaby Slow Air6/8228
38Aaron Boat Song,The Slow Air6/8228
39Mr 4:30 Jig6/8429
40Arthur Bignold of Lochrosque Jig6/8430
41Little Neutral One,The Jig6/8431
42Long Island,The Jig6/8232
43Delvinside Jig6/8232
44Derelict,The Jig6/8433
45Mrs. Hugh Calder Jig6/8434
46Apostle Finn,The Jig6/8435
47Abercairney Highlanders,The Jig6/8436
48Broom Broom,The Jig6/8438
49Miss Leisa McCavour Waltz6/8239
50Snow Drifters Waltz,The Waltz3/8139
51Leanne VanAmburg Waltz3/8140
52Earthly Crown,An Waltz6/8240
53Glide Path,The Waltz6/8241
54Bethany's Waltz Waltz3/8141
55Broken Chanter,The Hornpipe2/4242
56Furry Chanter,The Hornpipe2/4242
57Celtic Funk,The Hornpipe2/4243
58Moose on the Kang-A-Mangus Hornpipe2/4243
59Toronto Metropolitan Police Pipe Band,The Hornpipe2/4444
60M.R.F. of Ten,The Hornpipe2/4445
61Sleepwalker World,The Hornpipe2/4446
62Beggarman's Wife,The Hornpipe2/4447
63Jack Hammer Jill Hornpipe2/4448