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Ann Gray - Bk2 Ann Grays Collection


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1Andrew Wright of Dunblane March2/441
2Jack Dunbar,Pipe Maker March2/442
3Jere Edwin Wilkins March2/443
4Jewel of 100 Years,The March2/444
5Queen of Clubs,The March2/465
6Celtic Dragon Pipe Band,The March6/847
7David & Bev Nimmo March6/848
8Mellanie's Wedding March6/849
9Onaping Falls Centennial Pipe Band(Harmony) March6/8110
10Onaping Falls Centennial Pipe Band March6/8210
11P/M Bruce Wright March6/8411
12Memories of Coeur d'Alene March9/8212
13Tequiza Sunrise March9/8213
14Terry Black March3/4214
15Galley of Lorne,The Strathspey4/4215
16Helen Paterson Griffith Strathspey4/4216
17Marianna MacKenzie Strathspey4/4216
18Cow Bay Road Strathspey4/4217
19Jonathan Graham Strathspey4/4217
20Robert Junor of Hardyards Strathspey4/4218
21Spinnaker's at Lakeside Strathspey4/4419
22Alison Elsbeth's Reel Reel2/2420
23Chameleon,The Reel2/2221
24Dundee Aunties Reel2/2222
25Turgid Birlers Reel2/2222
26Hold On To Your Haggis Reel2/2223
27Lindsay Aileen's Reel Reel2/2424
28Osburn's Mad Dash Reel2/2225
29Osburn's Mad Dash(Harmony) Reel2/2225
30Saint Martin's Reel Reel2/2426
31Barbara Rose Waltz3/4227
32Barbara Rose(Harmony) Waltz3/4127
33Duncan Johnstone Waltz3/4228
34Shores of Redondo Slow Air6/4229
35Bonny Port Moore(Harmony) Slow Air6/8130
36Bonny Port Moore Slow Air6/8130
37Cha Till MacCruimein(Harmony) Slow Air6/8231
38Cha Till MacCruimein Slow Air6/8231
39Road to Ardfern,The(Harmony) Slow Air6/8232
40Road to Ardfern,The Slow Air6/8232
41Shannon's Lullaby Slow Air6/8233
42Victoria Slow Air6/8234
43Canadian Experience,A Jig9/8435
44Atholl Highlanders Jig9/8436
45Bodhran Brothers,The Jig9/8437
46Fitzy's Birthday Present Jig6/8438
47Gordon McLeod of Winnipeg Jig6/8439
48Hold On To Your Haggis(It's a Twisty,Windy Road) Jig6/8240
49I Hate My Toaster Jig6/8241
50La Rosa Morte Jig6/8442
51Mason's Apron,The Jig6/8843
52Phat John Jig6/8246
53Sheryl Urquhart's Jig Jig6/8247
54Stirling McMurchy Jig6/8448
55Big Time Time Hornpipe2/4449
56Bobby the Busker Hornpipe2/4450
57Cumberland Coil,The Hornpipe2/4451
58Damon's Washboard Hornpipe2/4452
59Dos Lunas Sobre Montevideo Hornpipe2/4453
60Flying Chanter,The Hornpipe2/4454
61In the Glow of the Lava Lamp Hornpipe2/4455
62Laurie Byers Hornpipe2/4456
63Mermaid in Black Hornpipe2/4257
64Northeast Portland Celtic Big Band&Social Club,The Hornpipe2/4458
65Oliver,The Big Surprise Hornpipe2/4459
66Patricia Kirkwood Hornpipe2/4460
67Rob Barrick's Fancy Hornpipe2/4461
68Sabbatical,The Hornpipe2/4462
69Sergeant Peter Toohey Hornpipe2/4263
70Thomas J. Walsh Hornpipe2/4464