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Dick Lee - The Cats Pyjamas


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1Magnificent Ampersands, The Reel1
2Freewheeling Down the Hill Reel1
3Baguette Reel2
4Bee's Knees, The Reel2
5Hendersons Reel Reel3
6Running for the Bus Reel4
7Reel to Reel Reel4
8Sutherland's Canon Reel5
9Speak Now, Think Later Jig6
10Jiggerd Jig7
11Jackie Daw Jig8
12Mongoose in the Byre, The Jig9
13Cat's Pyjamas, The Slip Jig10
14Mental Blockade, The Slip Jig11
15Teapot Jig Slip Jig12
16Nellie the Sycophant Slip Jig12
17Halkidiki 13
18Get a Grip Strathspey14
19Buccleuch Street Strathspey15
20River Song Air16
21Inverleith Park Air19
22Water of Leith, The Air19
23Slow Hare Air20
24Minto Vista Air22
25Gnomon, The Air23
26Autumn Returns Air24
27Castlelaw Slow Air25
28Hawthornden Slow Air26
29Pipers at the Gates, The Slow Air28
30Anne's Tune Slow Air33
31Nearly the Elephant 35
32Reggie 36
33Monster, The 37