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Donald Sutherlands Collection


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1P/M Donald W. Jeffrey's Welcome March2/40-
2Donald Sutherland of Oregon March2/441
3P/M Malcolm Nicholson,s Visit to Yellowstone March2/443
4Farewell to Craigton and Strath-Bora-1910 March2/444
5Renwick Gathering, The March2/445
6Buntie or the Glenfurness Blacksmith, The March2/426
7New Chums Welcome to Australia, The March2/447
8Mrs. Tom MacRae March2/448
9His Grace the Duke of Sutherland's Welcome to Benarmine Lodge March2/449
10Lewis and Harris Gathering, The March2/4410
11Rev. Colin McRae's March, The March2/4411
12Miss Violet Renwick March2/4412
13P/M Neil Sutherland's Welcome to Oregon 1956 March6/8413
14Kangeroo Hop, The March6/8414
15P/M Donald Jeffrey's March March6/8415
16P/M Donald Shaw Ramsay's Welcome to Vancouver March6/8416
17Steve MacKinnon March6/8417
18Neil Sutherland of Craigton March6/8418
19Harry Fenley's Museum March6/8419
20Bertie Sutherland of Craigton,Rogart March6/8420
21Jean's Melody March6/8421
22Leaving Bombay March6/8422
23Gizeh Shrine, The March6/8423
24Corish Burn and the Beidgh March6/8424
25Mrs. Young Retreat3/4225
26Banks of the Avon, The Retreat3/4225
27Neil Sutherland's Farewell to the EU Ranch Slow March6/8426
28Young Mary Slow March6/8227
29Old Highland Air Slow March6/8227
30Nighean Dhu- The Dark Girl Slow March6/8228
31Beside the River Auro Slow March6/8229
32Camerons of the Dominions, The Slow March2/4229
33George Murray of Morness,Rogart Strathspey4/4430
34Edith MacPherson's Goat(Revised) Strathspey4/4431
35Larbert Bridge Strathspey4/4432
36Major A.F.MacGillivray(QOCH) Strathspey4/4433
37Clunes Lodge Strathspey4/4434
38Blackston Brig Strathspey4/4335
39Heather Isle Strathspey4/4436
40P/M Donald Shaw Ramsay(Edinburgh City Police) Reel4/4437
41Edith MacPherson Reel4/4438
42Cairn, The Reel4/4439
43Donald Sutherland's Welcome Back to Rogart Reel4/4440
44Ann MacKinnon Reel4/4441
45Duke of Hamilton's Reel, The Reel4/4442
46Captain Lachlan MacPhail of Tiree Reel4/4443
47Rakes of Kildare, The Jig6/8444
48Heatherstalks Jig9/8445
49Bob MacPherson's Jig Jig6/8446
50Mary Horne's Jig Jig6/8447
51Kenneth MacDonald's Jig Jig6/8448
52Nameless Jig, The Jig6/8449
53Averell's Folly Jig6/8450
54Strath Brora Jig6/8451
55Deerstalker's Jig, The Jig6/8452