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Gordon Duncans Tunes


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1Mr & Mrs J. Duncan March8
2Balnauld Cottage March10
3PM Bill Hepburn March11
4PM Sandy Spence March12
5Farewell to Halkirk March14
6Tartan Day March15
7Gladiator, The March16
8Sir James of the Old Port March17
9Alex's Haircut Jig18
10Blow My Chanter Jig19
11Jig O' Beer Jig20
12Pitlochry High School Centenary, The Jig21
13More Brandy Jig22
14Roll out the Snake Jig23
15Famour Baravan, The Jig24
16Rory Gallagher Jig24
17Gathering, The Jig25
1898 Jig, The Jig26
19The Soup DragonJig6/828
20Panda, The Jig29
21Trip to Modera Jig30
22Nae Door Pibroch Piobaireachd31
23Belly Dancer, The Dance34
24Sleeping Tune, The Air36
25Break Yer Bass Drone Reel37
26Andy Renwick's Ferret Reel38
27Clueless Reel39
28Davy Webster's 40th Reel40
29Falcon Square Reel42
30Susan Lazell's Reel42
31Just for Seamus Reel43
32Pressed for Time Reel44
33Ramnee Ceilidh, The Reel45
34Tain in the Rain Reel46
35Fourth Floor, The Reel47
36The High DriveReel2/248
37Thin Man, The Reel50
38Yer a Kent Reel50
39Upside down in Eden Court Reel52
40Mr & Mrs J. Duncan's Golden Wedding 2000 Hornpipe55
41Ian Green of Greentrax Hornpipe56
42Black Ribbon, The Hornpipe57
43Jock Broon's 70th Hornpipe58
44Gargoyles, The Hornpipe60
45Straloch Turkeys, The Hornpipe61
46Zeeto the Bubbleman Hornpipe62