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John Wilsons Collection Book 2


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1Lament for the Old Reedmakers Slow March9/841
2Loch Rannoch(Seconds) Slow March4/422
3Toronto Exhibition park Slow March6/822
4Hamilton Bay Slow March6/823
5Lairig Ghru, The Slow March6/823
6Ian's Lullaby Slow March6/844
7Mrs. John Wilson Slow March6/845
8Colin Thomson March2/466
9George Duncan March2/448
10Hills of Perth, The March2/449
11Braes o' Badenoch, The March2/4610
12How I Long to Hear the Pipes Again(In prison camp-1941) March2/4412
13Kinlochaline Castle March2/4413
14Abercairney Highlanders, The March2/4414
15Balmoral Highlanders, The March2/4616
16Pipe Major John Stewart March2/4418
17Lochaber Gathering, The March2/4419
18Road to Lonach, The March2/4420
19Toronto Scottish Regiment, The March2/4421
20Glenogle Highlanders , The March6/8422
21Her Majesty's Welcome to Glen Fiddich March6/8423
22Judging Was Bad, The March6/8424
23Highland Kitty March6/8425
24Holyrood park March6/8426
25Camerons' Farewell tp Aldershot, The March6/8427
26Zorra Highland Gathering, The March6/8428
27Willie McRostie March6/8429
28Mad Major, The Retreat3/4230
29Mad Major, Seconds Retreat3/4230
30Shepherd's Crook, The Strathspey4/4431
31Thoughts o' Burns Strathspey4/4432
32Artafallie Strathspey4/4432
33Captain Duncan McGregor Strathspey4/4433
34Bogan Lochan Strathspey4/4634
35Marketplace of Inverness, The Strathspey4/4436
36Anna Doddie Reel4/4437
37Pretty Marion Reel4/4638
38Detroit Calling Reel4/4439
39Lochiel's Away to France Reel4/4640
40Tom Kettles Reel4/4642
41Thoughts o' Burns Reel4/4443
42Margaret Kennedy Reel4/4444
43Alex. Massie's Hare Jig6/8445
44Amy Gollan Jig6/8446
45Finlay McKenzie Jig6/8647
46John Keir Jig6/8648
47Wee Man in the Boat, The Jig6/8450
48John Grieve Jig6/8451
49Blue-Eyed Collie, The Jig6/8452
50Padruig Og Jig6/8554
51Duke of Bannockburn, The Jig6/8455
52Kinloch Rannoch Pipe Band, The Jig6/8456
53Maid on the Green, The Jig6/8457
54Colin Mackay Hornpipe2/4458
55St. Valery Hornpipe4/4459
56Sean Trubhais Dance4/4660
57Swords, The Dance4/4662