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Logans Tutor - John MacLellan


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1Mackenzie's Farewell March0-
2Prince Albert March0-
3Coronation March, The March0-
4Flagon, The Reel0-
5Lord Lovat's Lament March4/421
6Nurse's Song, The March6/821
7Cock o' the North, The March6/842
8Haugh's of Cromdale, The March4/423
9Lady Dorothea Stewart Murray Reel4/423
10Lass of Richmond Hill, The March2/434
11Speed the Plough Reel4/424
1272nd's Farewell to Aberdeen March2/425
13Mrs. MacLeod of Raasay Reel4/425
14Brown Haired Maiden March4/426
1592nd Gordon Highlanders' march, The Slow March2/436
16Barren Rocks of Aden, The March2/447
17Lord Lovat's Strathspey Strathspey4/428
18Marquis of Tullibardine Reel4/428
19Lochaber no more Slow March3/429
20Seann Triubhas Slow March2/429
21Mackenzie Highlanders' march March2/4210
22Castle Grant March2/4210
23Crusader's march, The March4/4211
24Isle of Skye Local Militia, The March2/4211
25Earl of Mansfield's march March2/4312
26Marquis of Huntly's Farewell, The Strathspey4/4212
27Hills of Glenorchy, The March6/8213
28Highland Laddie March2/4213
29Lord Panmure's March March2/4214
30Stumpie Strathspey4/4214
3179th's Farewell to Gibraltar March2/4415
32Cam' ye by Atholl March6/8216
33Bruce's address Slow March4/4216
34Glendaruel Highlanders March6/8216
35The Inverness RantStrathspey4/4217
36Deil among the Tailors Reel4/4217
37Inverness Gathering March2/4618
38Princess of Wales, The Reel4/4219
39MacPherson's lament March2/4420
40Castle and Keys March2/4221
41Miss MacGregor's Favourite March6/8221
42Erchless Castle March2/4222
43Fear Chul Charn Strathspey4/4222
44Alma, The March2/4223
45McKinnon's March, The March6/8323
46Annie of Ballintyre March6/8224
47Atholl Highlanders March, The March6/8424
48Colonel Stuart of Garth Reel4/4226
49Market Place of Inverness, The Strathspey4/4226
50Lady Madelina Sinclair Strathspey4/4227
51Braes of Balquhider, the (end of book) Reel4/4228
52O'er Muir Amang the Heather Strathspey4/4228
53Miss Girdle Reel4/4228
54Reel of the MacFarlanes Reel4/4229
55Miss Drummond of Perth Strathspey4/4229
56McKenzie's Farewell to Sutherland March6/8230
57Reel Reel4/4230
58Will you go to the Isle of Skye Reel4/4230
59Neil Gow's Farewell to Whiskey March2/4231
60Atholl Brose Strathspey4/4231
61Follow my Highland Soldier March2/4432
62Colonel MacDougall of Dunolly's Reel4/4233
63East Wood Cottage Reel4/4233
64Hills of Glentruim, The March6/8233
65Lady MacKenzie of Fairburn Strathspey4/4234
66Donald Campbell's Welcome to Glendale March6/8234
67An old Highland Air Slow March3/4235
68Cameron Men, The March6/8235
69Reel Reel4/4236
70Granny Duncan Reel4/4236
71Cha Till Mac Cruimein Piobaireachd6/8043