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McCallum Bagpipes

Bruce Gandy Vol 2 (Contemporary & Trad. Music)


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1P/M James Troy March2/441
2Glen Road Gardens March2/442
3Malcolm Deleskie March2/423
4Mouse Hunt,The March2/423
5Newhaven Guest House March6/844
6Calum Rife's Fanfare March6/845
7Nixon Wedding March,The March6/426
8Friday On Soho Street March9/827
9Howards of Cornwall,The March9/827
10Lorraine Symington March9/828
11Ian McAskil March6/828
12Neil Campbell of South Uist March12/849
13Waters of Portage Inlet,The Strathspey4/4210
14Megantic March12/8210
15Donald Morrison (The Outlaw of Megantic) Strathspey4/4211
16Aidan Thomas Strathspey4/4211
17Steve and Diane of Cheltenham Strathspey4/4212
18Under the Triboro Strathspey4/4212
19Canadian Glenn,The Strathspey4/4212
20Kristy's Strathspey Strathspey4/4413
21Sandy MacIntyre's Reel Reel2/2414
22Susan Elizabeth's Reel Reel2/2214
23Dirty Boots Reel2/2215
24Session Gap,The Reel2/2215
25Studio One Reel2/2216
26Vancouver Ladies Reel2/2416
27Auld Wife A'Hint the Door,The Reel2/2217
28Sweeney's Reel2/2517
29Rejected Outlaw,The Reel2/2218
30Weaving through Glengarry Reel2/2418
31Tulloch Gorum Reel2/2219
32Spadina Spiller Reel2/2219
33Capt. Mossie Reel2/2620
34Andrew MacNeill of Colonsay Piobaireachd721
35Lament For Colin Grant Air6/8223
36Fraser's Lullaby Air12/8223
37Margaret Olson (Harmony) Air12/8224
38Margaret Olson Air12/8224
39Memories of Mrs. Theresa McRae Waltz6/4225
40Under the Apple Tree Air6/8225
41Augusta MacIvor Jig6/8226
42Sammy the Tam Jig9/8226
43Blunder,The Jig6/8227
44Kevin Symington Jig6/8227
45Michael MacDonald's Jig Jig6/8428
46Thief of Pleasanton,The Jig6/8429
47Cameronian Rant Jig6/8831
48Go To Hell Jig6/8433
49Wendy's Dilema Jig6/8434
50Ainsley's Jig Jig6/8435
51Fear In the Pass Hornpipe3/4436
52Hillriggers,The Hornpipe2/4237
53Margaret Elizabeth Copeland Hornpipe2/4237
54MacKenzie Hall Loft,The Hornpipe2/4438
55William Barrie's Favourite Hornpipe2/4439
56Magnus' Memory Hornpipe2/4440
57Sterling Mossie Hornpipe2/4441
58Jimmy Smith Hornpipe2/4442
59Ramsay Man,The Hornpipe2/4443
60Cornerbrook Wedding,The Hornpipe2/4444
61Twist in the Tale,A Hornpipe2/4445
62Rockley Beach Hornpipe2/4446
63Beverley's Choice Hornpipe2/4447