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Bruce Thomson,Dr. - Pass of Brander


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1Ewan Stark March4/444
2Kate McNiven March6/425
3Dunderave Castle March8/426
4Marissa Ferguson Hornpipe2/247
5Lady Mary's Walk Slow Air2/428
6Tommy MacDonald of Barguillean March2/449
7Twenty Shilling Wood Strathspey4/4410
8Allan Small Reel2/2411
9George Donaldson March6/8412
10Why? (note - not a pipe tune) Waltz3/4213
11Holms Carlile March12/8414
12Colonel J.T. Young MC DCM TD of Portsonachan March2/4416
13Portsonachan Cook,The Hornpipe2/4417
14Callander Waltz,The Waltz3/4218
15Sound of Iona,The Slow Air6/8219
16June Hart Waltz3/4220
17Comrie Capercaillie,The Hornpipe2/4421
18Buchanan Castle, Slow Air9/8222
19Dugald MacNeill, The College of Piping March2/4423
20Andrew Frater March6/8424
21Nikki Thomson, March6/4425
22Armadale Bay March12/8426
23Tormaukin Inn,The March4/4428
24Resolution March6/4229
25Pat Stuart March12/8430
26Callum Wallace Reel2/2232
27Pass of Brander,The March9/8233
28Burnside Cottage March12/8434
29Goodbye Alistair Gordon Lament2/4236
30Cluny MacPherson March2/4437
31Drums March3/4438
32Maharana of Udiapurs Pipe Band,The March4/4239
33Rattray Head March5/4440
34Mains of Ury,The March6/4241
35Serendipity. Hornpipe2/4442