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McCallum Bagpipes

Cabar Feidh Collection, (Queens Own Highl.)


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1Angela's Wedding Retreat March3/41
2Black Isle, The Retreat March9/82
3Calon Lan Retreat March3/43
4Captain H. B. H. E. Monro Retreat March9/84
5Chocks Away Retreat March3/45
6Domhnull Mac-A-Phi Retreat March9/86
71st Bn Queen's Own Highlanders Farewell to South Armagh Retreat March9/87
8Heroes of St Valery Retreat March3/48
9Jack McLaughlin Retreat March3/410
10Jimmy MacKenzie, Stornoway Retreat March3/411
11Lt. Col. I. G. Nanson's Farewell Retreat March9/812
12Lt. Col. R. D. Maclagan, CBE, MC Retreat March3/413
13Lt. Col. Robin Campbell, DSO Retreat March3/414
14MacGregor of Rora Retreat March3/415
15Major C. M. C. Crowe Retreat March9/816
16Major General Frank Richardson Retreat March9/817
17Major S. H. R. H. Monro's March Retreat March9/818
18'Pibroch' MacKenzie's Farewell Retreat March9/819
19Sgaoth Sgadan Retreat March3/420
20Tir'nam Croabh Retreat March3/421
21Willie Macrae, of Ullapool Retreat March9/822
22A Luaidh Slow March6/823
23An T' Alltan Dubh Slow March6/824
24Bonnie Argyll Slow Air6/825
25Bonnie Strathyre Slow March6/826
26Bonnie Wells o'Wearie, The Slow March6/827
27Captain Noel Chavasse, VC Slow March6/829
28Come by the hills Slow March6/830
29Creag Guanach Slow Air3/4030
30Crodh Chailein Slow Air3/432
31Fair maid of Barra, The Slow March6/833
32Farewell to Lord Louis Mountbatten Slow March2/434
33Fear A'Bhata Slow Air9/8135
34Governor's Installation, Edinburgh Castle.The Slow Air12/835
35Green Glens of Antrim, The Slow March12/8036
36Gur Milis Morag Slow March9/838
37Lament for Rory Mor Slow March6/838
38Lantern of the North, The Slow March12/839
39Leaving Barra Slow March6/839
40Leaving Eriskay Slow March9/840
41Leaving Ireland Slow March2/441
42Lindsay's Lament Slow March6/841
43Liverpool Scottish Salute to 'Tiny' Barber, The Slow March6/8042
44Lochaber no more Slow Air3/443
45Logie O'Buchan Slow March6/844
46Maiden of Morvern, The Slow March6/845
47Mhairi Bhan Og Slow March6/8046
48Mhuinntir A'Ghlinne So Slow March6/849
49Mo Run Gael Dileas (My Faithful fair one) Slow March9/850
50Mrs. Donald MacLeod Slow March6/851
51Muile Nam Fuar Bheann Slow March6/852
52Salute to Lt. Col. David Blair Slow Air2/453
53Sheila's Lullaby Slow March6/854
54South Uist Emigrants, The Slow Air6/855
55Tha Mi Duilich Slow Air6/856
56Tuigann Leum's Dean Cabhag Slow Air6/856
57Argyll and the Isles March6/857
58Battle of Waterloo, The March4/458
59Bert Sutherland March2/459
60Bonnie Gallowa' March4/460
61Burma Rifles march past, The March6/861
62Caller Herrin' March2/462
63Castle and keys March2/463
64'Chiefy's' March March6/864
65Chris Dillon's welcome to Ullapool March6/866
66Colonel Robertson MacLeod's farewell to Tulliallan March4/467
67Coolin Hills, The March2/468
68David Boswell's walkabout March2/468
69Dr. Sydney Peace, Kirkwall March6/870
70Edinburgh Castle March2/471
71Farewell to Colonel R.D.MacLagan, CBE, MC March6/873
7251st Highland Division, The March4/475
73Follow my highland soldier March4/476
7442nd's farewell to Major G.B.Murray, The March2/477
75Frimley March2/478
76Galloway Hills, The March4/478
77Galway City March2/479
78General George Patton - US Army March6/880
79General Hunt's welcome to the Queen's Own Highlanders March6/881
80Glasgow Police march past, The March4/483
81Greenfield March6/884
82Gurkha signals farewell to Serembam, The March6/885
83He's over the hill that I love well March2/487
84H.M. King Carl XVI Gustav of Sweden March4/488
85Hong Kong Highland Gathering, The March6/889
86Inveresk House March2/490
87Inverness Gathering, The March2/492
88Jim Barrie March2/494
89'Jocky' March4/495
90Johnny Cope March2/496
91John Rennie March2/497
92Laird of Cockpen, The March6/899
93Lass of Gowrie, The March2/4100
94Last parade, The March2/4101
95Lochiel's welcome to Glasgow March6/8102
96Lovat Scouts, The March2/4103
97Lt. Col. A.A. Fairrie's march March6/8104
98Lt. Col. A.S. Duncan March6/8105
99Lt. Col. D.J.S. Murray March4/4107
100Lt. Col. D.R. MacLennan March6/8108
101Lt. Col. H.W. Kemble of Knock March6/8109
102Lt. Col. J.C.O.R. Hopkinson March6/8110
103Lt. Col. S. Gair March4/4112
104Lt. Gen. Sir Derek Lang, KCB, DSO, MC March6/8113
105Lt. Patrick J.F. Graeme's march March2/4115
106Major I.M. Fraser's farewell March6/8116
107Merrily sailing March6/8118
108Michael Joseph MacKinnon March2/4119
109Morair Sim March2/4121
110Mrs. MacDonald, of Uig March6/8122
111Neil Robertson, West End Hotel March2/4124
11291st at Modder River, The March2/4126
1139th Bn. Gordon Highlanders (116th Reg.RAC)crossing The Irrawaddy March2/4128
114Over the Chindwin March6/8130
115Paardeberg March2/4131
116Pathan War March, 'Zakhmi Dil' March6/8 , 2/4132
117Pipe Major Andrew Venters March6/8135
118Pipe Major Donald MacLean, of Lewis March6/8136
119Prince Charles's Welcome to Lochaber March2/4138
120Pretty Apron, The March2/4140
121Queen's Own Highlanders Farewell to Brunei March6/8141
122Queen's Own Highlanders Farewell to General Sir James Cassels March6/8143
123Queen's Own Highlanders Polka, The March2/4145
124Rakes of Kildare March6/8146
125Rose tree, The March2/4147
126Ross Battery, The March6/8148
127Sandy Finnie March6/8150
128Scottish Piping Society of the Witwatersrand, The March4/4152
1292nd Bn. 51st Highland Volunteers TA farewell to RSM M. MacLeod March6/8153
130Sir Thomas Wardle of Western Australia March4/4154
131Tenth Anniversary, The March6/8154
132Vancouver Police Pipe Band March2/4156
133Ye Jacobites by name March4/4157
134A. A. Cameron Strathspey4/4158
135Bridge o' Perth Strathspey4/4158
136Cabar Feidh Strathspey4/4160
137Clachnaharry Strathspey4/4162
138Duncan Lamont Strathspey4/4164
139Duirinish Piping Society, The Strathspey4/4165
140Highland Whisky Strathspey4/4167
141Johnnie MacIntyre Strathspey4/4167
142John Roy Stewart Strathspey4/4168
143Kathleen Gillies Strathspey4/4169
144Lad that wears the plaid, The Strathspey4/4170
145Lewis Soldier, The Strathspey4/4171
146Sporting Jamie Strathspey4/4171
147Susan MacLeod Strathspey4/4172
148Wiseman's Excercise Strathspey4/4173
149Achduart Reel2/4174
150Achnahaird Reel2/4174
151Ale is dear Reel2/4175
152Ardvasar Blacksmith, The Reel2/4177
153Old wife ayont the fire, The Reel2/4178
154Cabar Feidh Reel2/4179
155Captain Alec Fraser Reel2/4180
156Culna Craig Reel2/4181
157Devil in the kitchen, The Reel2/4181
158Donald MacLeod Reel2/4182
159Drive home the mainlanders Reel2/4183
160Duncan Lamont Reel2/4184
161Eochar Reel, The Reel2/4185
162Evan Macrae's beard Reel2/4186
163Hecky Morrison Reel2/4187
164Hielan' Laddie Reel2/4188
165Highland Reel Reel2/4189
166Inverness Piping Society Reel2/4190
167Loch Carron Reel2/4191
168Major Forbes, 78th Highlanders Reel2/4192
169Merry Lads of Dornoch, The Reel2/4193
170Methven Castle Reel2/4193
171Patrick McGovern Reel2/4194
172Paddy on the railroad Reel2/4195
173Pipe Major R.H. MacPhee's Reel Reel2/4196
174The Brown Haired MaidReel2/4197
175Thailer a bha me, sherridh is feader a thuair me Reel2/4198
176Archie Campbell of the 51st Highland Division Hornpipe2/4199
177Arthur Gillies Hornpipe2/4201
178Cromdale Hornpipe, The Hornpipe2/4202
179Donald MacLeod Hornpipe2/4203
180Hebridean Polka, The Hornpipe2/4204
181Kyle Alexander Hornpipe2/4206
182Lieutenant Colonel George Latham's Fancy Hornpipe2/4208
183Mason's Apron, The Hornpipe2/4209
184South Uist Hornpipe, The Hornpipe2/4211
185Bugle Call, The Jig6/8212
186Donald Cameron's Powder Horn Jig6/8213
187Donald MacLennan's Tuning Phrase Jig6/8215
188Donella Beaton Jig6/8216
189Dornoch Links Jig6/8217
190Duck, The Jig6/8218
191Ewe wi' the crookit horn, The (Crooked) Jig6/80219
192Lord Dunmore's Jig Jig6/8221
193Mr. and Mrs. Peter MacLean Jig6/8222
194Paddy's Leather Breeches Jig6/8223
195PM Iain Morrison Jig6/8224
196PM Willie Young's fancy Jig6/8225
197Richmond Lass, The Jig6/8226
198Superscot Jig9/8227
199Skylark's Ascension, The Jig6/8228
200Thief of Lochaber, The Jig6/8229
201Cogadh No Sith Piobaireachd6/8 2/4230
202Lament for the Earl of Seafield Piobaireachd4/4234
203Phantom Piper of Corrieyairack, The Piobaireachd4/4236
204Piobaireachd Dhomhnuill Dhuibh Piobaireachd240
205Granny Duncan Slow March2/4245
206Sodger's Return, The Slow March2/4245
207Erchless Castle March2/4246
208Granny Duncan Slow March2/4246
209Miss Girdle Reel4/4246
210Sae will we yet Slow March2/4246
211Johnnie Cope March2/4247