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Airtight Bag Seasoning

A Few Tunes (Vale Of Atholl)


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1Flying Scotsman, The Hornpipe2/41
2Gadaffi's Revenge Hornpipe2/42
3Alistair Fergus Ewan Hornpipe2/43
4Lord Provost's Hornpipe, The Hornpipe2/44
5Tha Mi Sgith Strathspey4/45
6Intrepid Michelin Skymen, The Hornpipe2/45
7Mac's Kilt Strathspey4/46
8Davie Ewens Welcome to Ravenswood March2/47
9Noelle Duncan March2/48
10Laxdale Cottage March2/49
11Isabel S. MacDonald March2/410
12Eilidh Shaw March4/411
13MacFail from Bunessan March4/412
14Colonel Gifford March3/413
15Union Glen March3/413
16Cuil House March6/814
17Nellie Stewart's Farewell to Dervaig Post Office March6/815
18Atholl Highlanders March to Braemar Gathering March6/816
19Farewell to Halkirk March9/817
20Mhorag March6/817
21Forgotten Winner, The March6/818
22Thomas Maxwell of Briarsbush March2/419
23Eileen Mary Connolly Slow Air6/819
24Idir Deighic Gus Breo Slow Air6/820
25Tibby Slow Air6/820
26Eriskay Song Slow Air6/821
27Paddy's Green Shamrock Shores Slow Air6/821
28Barmaid, The Reel4/422
29Swallow Tailed Coat Reel4/422
30Silver Spear, The Reel4/423
31Congress Reel Reel4/423
32Scotch mary Reel4/424
33Famous Ballymote Reel4/424
34Rakish paddy Reel4/425
35Mrs MacLeod Reel4/425
36Old Mountain Road Reel4/426
37Martin Ainsborough's Reel Reel4/426
38Andy Renwick's Ferret Reel4/427
39Humors of Tulla Reel4/427
40International Piper, The Reel4/428
41Farewell to Erin Reel4/429
42Footprints on the Water Reel4/430
43An Albannach Reel4/431
44Lark in the morning Jig6/832
45Langstrom's Pony Jig6/833
46Rambling Pitchfork, The Jig6/834
47Snug in the Blanket Jig6/834
48Old Hag you have killed me Jig6/835
49Eavesdropper, The Jig6/835
50Tom Billy's Jig Jig6/836
51Humours of Whiskey Jig9/836
52Bee in the Knickers, The Jig6/837
53Abercairney Tom Jig6/838
54Half Gill Jig6/839
55Grid, The Jig6/840
56Pipe Major Ian G. Duncan Jig9/841
57Hag at the Churn, The Jig6/841
58Gold Ring, The Jig6/842
59Willie Ray Jig6/843
60As I was kissed yestereen Jig6/844
61Paddy Clancy's Jig6/844
62Kesh Jig, The Jig6/845
63Sporting Pitchfork, The Jig6/845
64Slalom Skier, the Jig12/846