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Airtight Bag Seasoning

Chris Armstrong - Notes from ma heid


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1Mrs. Irene Armstrong March2/44
2Gavin Burns March2/45
3P/M Gordon Lawrie to Gartocharn March2/46
4Stuart Kenny March2/47
5Ross Kennedy of Campbeltown March2/48
6Cameron Bennett March6/89
7Cameron Dodds March6/810
8Number One March3/411
9Number Two March3/411
10Number Three March3/412
11Chrysler's Strathspey Strathspey4/413
12Andy Armstrong's Strathspey Strathspey4/413
13Rebecca's Strathspey Strathspey4/414
14Karen Elise McKenzie Strathspey4/414
15P/M John Matheson B.E.M. Strathspey4/415
16Rantaronian Cameron Strathspey4/415
17Barry's Mega Motor Reel4/416
18Honk Goose Reel4/417
19Exit, Yankee Style Reel2/417
20Jaz's Jukebox Reel4/418
21Barachio's Reel, The Reel4/419
22Two Tenor Pop Reel4/420
23Man in the Middle, The Reel4/420
2450p Pint Reel4/421
25Hen Pecked Reel4/422
26Cumha a' Chuilein Waltz3/423
27Mad Scientist, The Slow Air6/823
28Jimmy's Tune Waltz3/424
29Bit Brash, A Jig6/825
30Alan, The Chanter Breaker Jig6/826
31D/M Peter MacNamee Jig6/827
32Hit it on the Naill Jig6/828
33Inspiration Jig6/829
34That Cooking Fat Jig6/830
35Electric Pumpkin, The Jig6/831
36Ferry to Skye, The Jig6/833
37Heli-pad, The Jig6/834
38Whisky Boeys, The Jig6/835
3930 to 20 Jig6/836
40Train to Glasgow Jig6/837
41Bossa Nova Hornpipe2/438
42Champin' at the Bit Hornpipe2/439
43Cone Tango Hornpipe2/4 3/440
44Hoover-Happy Irene Hornpipe2/441
45Marylin's Raffle Hornpipe2/442
46Mr. F. Octave Anno Hornpipe2/443
47New Eden Hornpipe2/444
48Saney MacKenzie Hornpipe2/445
49Phantom Fairy, The Hornpipe2/446
50Where the Folk in Hell Sat Hornpipe2/447
51Orlando Tango, The Hornpipe2/448
52Full Circle, The Slow Air3/4 2/4 6/849
53Dreams of a Child Suite2/451
54Quantum Leap Suite4/453