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Airtight Bag Seasoning

Dave Mason - Tummle yer wilkies


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1Brother Joseph O' Toole of Airdrie March2/441
2HRH Queen Elizabeth's Golden Jubilee 1952-2002 March2/442
3Hughie Jamieson Esq. March2/443
4Miss Edith Stewart M.B.E. March2/444
5Mrs Irene Sutherland March2/445
6Pipe Major Andrew Hall March2/446
7Pipe Major Chris Mulinder, S.A. Irish Regiment March2/467
8Pipe Major Eric McIntosh March2/448
9Pipe Major Stephen Power March2/449
10Straiton Place March2/4410
11College of Piping, Glasgow, The March2/4611
12KES Centenary 1902-2002, The March2/4412
13Beinn a' Bhragaidh Retreat March3/4213
14Farewell to Narraghmore Retreat March3/4214
15Richard S Henderson March4/4215
16Mrs Barbara Hall Retreat March3/4215
17Alexander Norman Forbes March6/8416
18Archie Spartacus Dunbar MacFarlane March6/8417
19Burghfield House March6/8418
20Hugo Cameron March6/8419
21Bangkok St Andrew's Society's Welcome to Sir James Hodge KCVO CMG March6/8420
22King Edward VII School, Johannesburg March12/8222
23Morangle House March12/8422
24Lament for her passing, A Slow Air6/8223
25Hellfire Pass Memorial, The Air4/4224
26Pamela's Lullaby Slow Air6/8 9/8225
27Rubha Creagan Dubha Air6/8226
28Magical Mister McCabe, The Hornpipe2/4427
29Mrs Rosemary Imish Hornpipe2/4428
30Scott McNary of Boston, Massachusetts Hornpipe2/4429
31Burlington, Ontario Women's Auxiliary, The Hornpipe2/4230
32Hameldaeme Hornpipe, The Hornpipe2/4230
33Sixteen Men of Tain, The Hornpipe2/4431
34Atholl Buchan, Cullen Jig9/8431
35Big Ba' Face Jig6/8432
36James Houston-MacMillan Jig6/8433
37Le Gaeity Escape Jig6/8434
38Suzie with tha big bahookie Jig6/8435
39Bees' Wedding, The Jig6/8836
40Finger Screw, The Jig6/8438
41Road to Peebles, The Jig6/8639
42Cree House Strathspey4/4440
43Kinloch Rannoch Highland Games, The Strathspey4/4441
44Miss Michele Hughes Strathspey4/4442
45Blackbird, The Strathspey4/4443
46Itchy Balla Goota Reel2/2444
47Cliffs of Moher, The Reel2/2445
48Reel Club, The Reel2/2446
49Tummle yer Wilkies Reel2/2447
50West Midlands Police Pipe Band 40th Anniversary 2002 March6/8448
51One too many Reel2/2449
52Paddy O'Rafferty Jig6/8850