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Airtight Bag Seasoning

Dave Rickard - Traditional Irish Music for the Bagpipe


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1The Clare Jig Double Jig6/83
2Bill Harte's Jig Double Jig6/84
3The Humours of Tulla Reel4/45
4Rakish Paddy Reel4/45
5The Humours of Whiskey (1) Slip Jig9/86
6The First slip Slip Jig9/86
7The Cook in the Kitchen Double Jig6/87
8Tear the Calico Reel4/48
9Kevin's Polka Polka2/49
10Sweeney's Polka2/49
11The Langstern Pony Double Jig6/810
12The Glass of Beer Reel4/411
13Kerrily Kiss the Quaker's Wife Double Jig2/412
14The Hare in the Corn Jig6/813
15The Humours of Whiskey (2) Slip Jig9/813
16Cis Ni Liathain Jig6/814
17Frehr's Jig Jig12/814
18The Silver spear Reel4/415
19Is maith le Nora Jig6/816
20Johnny Mickey Barry's Slide12/816
21Where is the Cat Slide12/817
22Pay th Reckoning Double Jig6/817
23The Swallow's Tail Reel4/418
24Johnny Cope Hornpipe2/419
25The Flags of Dublin Reel4/420
26Lord Ramesy's Reel4/420
27The Three Little Drumers Double Jig6/821
28The Blarney Pilgrim Double Jig6/822
29O'Dalaigh's Polka2/423
30All the way to Galway Reel4/423
31The Lark in the Morning Double Jig6/824
32The Back of the Hagard Polka2/426
33Petrie's Polka2/426
34Keeffe's Slide Slide12/827
35O the Britches full of Stitches Polka2/427
36Maggie Shanley's Slide12/828
37An Bhrosna Slide12/828
38Art O'Keefe's Slide12/829
39O'Sullivan's March March6/829
40Mo Ghile Mear Air4/430
41An Mhaighdean Mhara Air3/231
42Eibhli Geal Ciuin Ni Cearbhaill Air6/831
43O'Dubhshlaine's Jig Jig6/832
44The Eagle's Whistle March3 /432
45Mairseail R¡ Laoise March6/833
46The Boys of Mailn Reel4/434
47The Gravel Walk Reel4/435
48Ticfaidh tu Abhaile liom Double Jig6/835
49Aoibhneas Eilis Ni Cheallaigh Slide9/836
50Samhradh Samhrad Air6/836