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David Murray - Music of the Scottish Regiments


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1Highland Laddie(Cameron Highlander's Setting) March2/42198
2Highland Laddie March2/42198
3All the Blue Bonnet's are over the Border March6/84199
4Dumbarton's Drums March2/42199
5Wee Highland Laddie,The March4/42200
6Granny Duncan Slow march2/41247
7Crimean Reveille,The variousvarious0247
8Sodger's Return,The Slow march2/42247
9Sae Will We Yet Slow march2/42247
10Point of War,The March2/41247
11Miss Girdle reel2/22248
12Johnnie Cope March2/44248
13Erchless Castle March2/41248