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McCallum Bagpipes

Denny and Dunipace Collection


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1Cpt John Deuchar of Denny March2/411
2The Blair Atholl Jamborette March2/412
3Herbertshire Castle March2/413
4In Between Times March2/414
5John Johnston fae Denny March2/415
6Marion M. Dewar March2/416
7The Twenty-Fifth March2/417
8The Allandale Pipers March3/418
9Duncarron March3/419
10The Drove Loan March3/419
11Argyll is 'Home' to Me March4/420
12Dunipace March4/420
13The Black Leather Targe March4/421
14The Myot March4/421
15The Two Second Warning March4/422
16Tip-Toey March4/422
17Archie Russell of Drumbowie March6/823
18Bun in the Oven March6/824
19Denny and Dunipace Pipe band March6/825
20The Falkirk Burns Club March6/826
21Ferny Bank March6/827
22The Red Brae March6/827
23GD Mac (In a Hurry) O.B.E. March6/828
24Greenside Road March6/829
25The Handyman's Revenge March6/830
26Henry Dunsmore, Haughs of Airth March6/831
27JB Scott March6/832
28John Watson March6/833
29The Jubilee March March6/834
30Lt. Col. Horner R.C.T. March6/835
31Lt. Col. W.J. Heaps R.C.T. March6/836
32Milton Row March6/837
33No Buns at Britannia March6/838
34On the Level March6/839
35P/M John A Smith B.E.M. M.M. March6/840
36Pipe Sgt Fraser Sergeant March6/841
37The Silver Jubilee March6/842
38The Six-Eight Idiom March6/843
39W.O. Jake Mutch M.B.E. March6/844
40Carronbank March9/845
41Castleview March9/845
42Clachtoll March9/846
43John McInnes March9/847
44Sandy's Farewell to Lomond and Clyde March9/847
45Alpine Air Slow Air6/848
46The Captain and his Lady Slow Air6/848
47Echo Waltz Slow Air6/849
48Home from Skye Slow Air3/450
49The Piper's Lullaby Slow Air6/850
50Rowan's Waltz Slow Air6/851
51The Old Shieling Slow Air6/851
52Flight in the Morning Mist Slow Air6/852
53The Sunday Slumber Slow Air3/452
54Alison's Fiddle Strathspey4/453
55Bonnie Water Strathspey4/453
56The Bus wi' nae Bog Strathspey4/454
57The Campfire Strathspey4/454
58Duncan's Dancing Lesson Strathspey4/455
59The Forty-First Strathspey4/455
60The Paddler Strathspey4/456
61The Roofer's Bow Strathspey4/457
62Tippetcraig Strathspey4/457
63Brain Kennedy's Reel Reel4/458
64Chacefield Wood Reel4/458
65Devoid of Thought Reel4/459
66Exit Stage Left Reel4/459
67The End of the Line Reel4/460
68The Fingerstyle Reel Reel4/461
69The Mad Sesh Reel4/461
70Kate Robertson Reel4/462
71The Roofer's Bow Reel4/463
72The Unsettling Effect Reel4/463
73Big Stewart Jig6/864
74Bongoslide Jig6/865
75The Wee Barra's Jig Jig6/865
76Campbell of Fishcross Jig6/866
77Can It? Jig6/866
78Castlerankine Jig6/867
79Colin Johnston Jig6/868
80Denny Gala Day Jig6/869
81The Earl's Gate Jig Jig6/870
82Exit Stage Left Jig6/871
83Honey in the Bag Jig6/871
84The Slightly Cheesy Jig Jig6/871
85Gav's Back Jig6/872
86Just in Control Jig6/872
87Hubblybubbly Jig6/874
88Mark R Sutherland B.Eng (Hons) Jig6/875
89One Short for the Fives Jig6/876
90Pizza Americana Jig6/877
91The Rainmaker's Jig Jig6/878
92Sammy Tam's Jig6/879
93Sandy's Broken Door Jig6/879
94Smiling Jacks Jig6/880
95Uni Semester Jig6/881
96Walking the Tops Jig6/882
97Wattie's Green Glengarry Jig6/883
98A Pie and a Paris Bun Hornpipe2/484
99Bassman from Alba Hornpipe2/484
100Disasterchef Hornpipe2/485
101Dr Deuchar Hornpipe2/485
102Ella's Fancy Hornpipe2/486
103Gavin B. Richardson's Hornpipe Hornpipe2/487
104The Islay Ferret Hornpipe2/488
105Lorne Brown's Watertrap Hornpipe2/489
106North Drambeg Hornpipe2/490
107The Saunter Hornpipe2/491
108Twelve Camels Hornpipe2/491