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Airtight Bag Seasoning

Duncan Johnstone - "His Complete Compositions"


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1Whinrigg March6/841
2Fair Pat of the Bens March2/442
3Fr. Roddy MacAulay's Welcome to Oban March2/443
4Iain Campbell of Oban March6/844
5Farewell to Nigg March3/445
6Alex MacLean of Lurebost March4/446
7Cameron MacFadyen March6/847
8Dominic McGowan March6/848
9Duncan's Salute to Ross and Gretta March6/849
10Farewell to Arran March2/4410
11Feis Bharaigh '83 March2/4411
12Feis Bharaigh '84 March9/8412
13Bottom Hand March March6/8213
14Linowt March6/8213
15Mrs. Alex Johnstone March2/4414
16Saorsa March6/8415
17Fr. John MacMillan of Barra March2/4416
18Dr. Jimmy Campbell's Welcome Home March6/8417
19Bowhill Burns Club Jubilee's March2/4418
20Anna Marie Campbell's March March6/8419
21Carolyn Spohn March6/8420
22Twelve Torlum March9/8421
23Willie MacPhee of Todsbucht March6/8422
24Isle of Barra March March2/4423
25Leap Year Proposal,The March6/8424
26Meg MacRae March6/8425
27My Tribute to John Kinnie March2/4426
28Farewell to Barra March4/4427
29Mrs. Mary Anderson of Lochranza March2/4428
30Jimmy Anderson's Welcome to Arran March6/8429
31Dr. Myron Berrick's March March2/4430
32South Uist Emigrants,The March6/8431
33AGFED/DEFGA/FAGED Strathspey4/4232
36Isle of Arran's Strathspey,The Strathspey4/4233
37Fr. Donald's Burach March6/8233
38Fr. Colin's Dedication Strathspey4/4434
39Isa Johnstone Strathspey4/4435
40An Exercise (for Strikes) Hornpipe3/4336
41Grey Snoat,The Hornpipe2/2236
42Harvest Home,The Hornpipe2/4437
43Isobel MacLean Hornpipe2/4438
44Streaker,The Hornpipe2/4439
45Seonaid Reel2/2440
46James MacLellan's Favourite Jig6/8441
47Chrissie Smith's Jig Jig6/8442
48Michael Brady's Jig Jig6/8443
49Roddy's Ticket Jig6/8444
50Finlay Murchies Birthday Jig6/8445
51Staggering Jig6/8446
52Rona MacDonald Jig6/8447
53Rest,The Jig6/8748
54Margaret's Wedding Jig6/8849
55Jock Anderson of the Glen Jig9/8450
56Romany Jig6/8451
57Findly MacDonald Jig6/8452
58Ian Eosa's Return to Vatersay Jig6/8453
59Last Dance,The Jig6/8454
60Janet's Jig Jig6/8455
61Ray Anderson Jig6/8456
62Andrew Bain of Kytra Jig6/8457
63Guido Margiotta Jig6/8458
64Barbara's Jig Jig6/8459
65Lt. McGuire's Jig Jig6/8460
66Dr. Howard McEwan of Calgary Slow Air6/8261
67Ruaraidh Mor's Lullaby Slow Air6/8261
68Alan Gillies of Kildonan's Final Farewell Slow Air6/8262
69Lament for Willie Morrison Slow Air2/4262
70My Tribute to P/M Donald MacLeod Piobaireachd663
71Salute to the Bell that Never Rang Piobaireachd265
72Lament for Alan My Son Piobaireachd766