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Essential Tunes - College of Piping


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1Whistle O'er the Lave O't Dance0-
2My Home Slow Air
3Muckin' of Geordie's Byre March
4Mrs MacLeod of Raasay Reel
5Mist Covered Mountains Slow Air
6Mary Darroch Waltz
7Marquis of Huntly's Highland Fling Strathspey
8Mairi's Wedding March
9Loudon's Bonnie Woods and Braes Strathspey
10Lord Dunmore (The Bride's Jig) Jig
11Lochanside March
12Lochaber No More Lament
13My Love She's But a Lassie Yet March
14Old Rustic Bridge March
15When the Battle's O'er March
16Terribus March
17Tail Toddle Reel
18Steam Boat March
19Sleep Dearie, Sleep Slow Air
20Scots Wha Ha'e (Bruce's Address) Slow Air
21Scotland the Brave March
22Rowan Tree March
23Piper of Drummond Reel
24Piobaireachd of Donald Dubh March
25Orange and Blue Strathspey
26The Liberton Pipe Band March
27Kilt is My Delight Reel
28Inverness Rant Strathspey
29Devil in the Kitchen Strathspey
30De'il Amang the Tailors Reel
31Captain Horne Strathspey
32Bugle Horn March
33Brown Haired Maiden March
34Bonnie Dundee March
35Battle of the Somme March
36Barren Rocks of Aden March
37Auld Lang Syne Slow Air
38Amazing Grace Slow Air
39A Man's a Man for a' That March
40Dream Angus Slow Air
41Earl of Mansfield March
42Highland Laddie March
43Highland Cradle Song Slow Air
44High Road to Linton Reel
45High Road to Gairloch March
46Heights of Dargai March
47Happy We've Been a' Thegither March
48Green Hills of Tyrol March
49Glendaruel Highlanders March
50Ghillie Callum (Sword Dance) Dance
51Gay Gordons Dance
52Flowers of the Forest Lament
5379th's Farewell to Gibraltar March