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Alasdair Gillies - March Strathspey and Reel Vol1


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1Mrs. John MacColl March2/445
2Glen MacColl, The March2/446
3John MacDonald of Glencoe March2/447
4Maggie Cameron Strathspey4/448
5Laddie MacKenzie of Gairloch Strathspey4/449
6Major Manson Reel2/2410
7Gena MacLeod Reel2/2411
8Hugh Kennedy M.A. B.Sc March2/4412
9Pipers's Bonnet Strathspey4/4413
10John Morrison of Assynt House Reel2/2614
11Duncan MacColl March2/4415
12Catlodge Strathspey4/4416
13Kildonan Reel2/2417
14Captain Campbell of Drum A Voisk March2/4418
15Arniston Castle Strathspey4/4419
16Alick C. MacGregor Reel2/2420
17Donald MacLellan of Rothesay March2/4421
18Sandy MacPherson Strathspey4/4422
19Fiona MacLeod Reel2/2423
20Major Manson at Clachantrushal March2/4424
2191st at Modder River, The March2/4425
22David Ross March2/4426
23Brigadier Cheape of Tiroran March2/4427
24Pipe Major W. MacLean March2/4528
25John MacFadyen of Melforth March2/4429
26Arthur Bignold of Lochrosque March2/4430
27Kirstie MacCallman's Favourite Strathspey4/4431
28John MacInnes Reel2/2432
29Cabar Feidh Strathspey4/4433
30Cabar Feidh Reel2/2634
31Balkan Hills, The March2/4435
32Highland Harry Strathspey4/4436
33Alec MacDonald - Fort William Reel2/2437
34Captain Colin Campbell Strathspey4/4438
35Caledonian Canal Strathspey4/4439
36Duntroon Reel2/2440
37Colonel MacLeod Reel2/2441
38Islay Ball, The Strathspey4/4442
39Inverary Castle Strathspey4/4443
40Cockerel in the Creel Reel2/2444
41Broadforth Bay Reel2/2445
42MacBeth Strathspey Strathspey4/4446
43Caledonian Society of London Strathspey4/4447
44Mrs. MacPherson of Inveran Reel2/2648
45John MacKechnie Reel2/2649
46John MacDonalds Welcome to South Uist March2/4450
4774th Farewell to Edinburgh March2/4651
48Shepherd's Crook, The Strathspey4/4452
49Lady Louden Strathspey4/4453
50Grey Bob, The Reel2/2454
51Dr. MacPhail's Reel Reel2/2455