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First Book Neil Dickie


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1Kitchenpiper, The Hornpipe2/41
2Rebecca Deans Hornpipe2/43
3Nimble Digits Hornpipe2/43
4Hiccup Hornpipe2/44
5Clumsy Lover, The Hornpipe2/45
6F-F-F-F-Frustration Hornpipe2/46
7Patti Hornpipe2/47
8Barry Ewen, The Hornpipe2/48
9Findlay and the chipmunk Hornpipe2/49
10Jordie Hornpipe2/49
11Smiler March2/410
12Miss Maureen Lee March4/411
13The ChildrenMarch4/412
14Jack's Welcome Home March4/413
15Nancy Lee March4/414
16Ma Collie March12/815
17Johnie Meickle March6/817
18George Johnston March6/818
19Mrs. Gladys MacDonald March6/819
20Greenview Park March6/820
21Francis Murray March6/821
22Gavotte, The March6/822
23Rocky Mountain House March6/822
24Casino March3/423
25Sledgehead March9/823
26Delaware Connection, The Jig6/824
27Thoughts o' Burns Strathspey4/424
28Calum and the Princess Jig6/826
29Whitby Runaround Jig6/827
30Dunrovin Farm Jig6/828
31Rocky Mountain Lark Jig6/829
32Jiggernaut, The Jig6/830
33Count Dickie Jig6/831
34Not the Bunny Hop Jig6/832
35Catherine Jig6/833
36Beth Lyall Jig6/834
37Pipe Major Lee's Contention Jig6/835
38Muse's Return, The Jig6/836
39Doug Boyd's Favourite Jig6/837
40Childhood's End (for Alex) Slow Air6/439
41In Memory of the Youngest Shipley Slow Air6/839
42Fanny Power Slow Air6/840
43The HauntingSlow Air6/440