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McCallum Bagpipes

Fred Morrison Collection


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1Seonaidh Morrison March2/449
2Archie MacLullich March2/4410
3Iain Morrison Jnr of Back, Lewis March2/4411
4Donald MacNeil of Daliburgh March2/4412
5Calum Ruaraidh MacInnes of Bornish, South Uist March6/8413
6Aird Ranters Strathspey4/4214
7New Year's Day Quickstep4/4214
8Loic Denis' Welcome to South Uist Strathspey4/4215
9Armel Denis' Welcome to South Uist Strathspey4/4215
10Hecla Strathspey4/4416
11Seonaidh's Tune Strathspey4/4217
12Breizh Slow Air6/8418
13Drumbuie Slow Air6/4219
14Road East, The Slow Air12/8219
15Passing Places Slow Air6/8420
16Leaving Lochmaddy Slow Air4/4221
17Manitoba, The Waltz3/4222
18Sheenagh's Waltz Waltz3/4423
19Beach, The Mazurka3/4224
20Jamie's Tune Reel2/2225
21Tony's Tune Reel3/4225
22Sound of the Sun, The Jig6/8326
23Fying Fiddles, The Jig6/8435
24Irish Embassy, The Jig6/8436
25Askernish Jig6/8437
26Cathy Anne MacPhee's Jig15/8 12/8 9438
27Donald John MacKinnon Hornpipe4/4439
28Jim Hood's Fancy Hornpipe4/4440
29Shandon Polka2/4441
30Out of Bed Reel2/2 4/4242
31North Uist Rant, The Reel2/2242
32Big Duncan's Reel Reel2/2243
33Bolt, The Reel2/2243
34Didi's Tunes Reel2/2 4/4444
35Hamish Moore's Reel2/4245
36Big Picnic, The Reel2/2 4/4245
37Chicken and the Turkey, The Reel2/2 4/4246
38La Paulettina Reel2/2 4/4446
39Lochaber Badger, The Reel2/2 4/4247
40Lochaber Badger, The Reel2/2 4/4247
41Alasdair's Reel Reel2/4448
42Lawrence Thompson's Reel Reel4/4249
43Portobello Reel2/2 4/4449
44Rocket Range, The Reel2/2 4/4250
45Machair, The Reel2/2 4/4250
46Universal Hall Reel2/2 4/4251
47Lisardo Lombardia of Asturias Reel2/2 4/4251
48Ian Todd's Strathspey4/4252
49Lochaber to Argyll Reel2/2 4/4252
50Lochaber to Argyll Reel2/2 4/4453
51Ceilidh in the Convent Reel2/2 4/4254
52Carlos Barral of Oviedo Reel2/2 4/4254
53Up South Reel2/2455
54Down North Reel2/2 4/4455
55Mark Sheridan's Hornpipe4/4456
56Jose Ramon of Guadarrama Hornpipe4/4457
57Frances Morton's Hornpipe4/4458