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Airtight Bag Seasoning

Glendinning Collection


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1Paula Glendinning of Ashton March2/41
2Balmoral Highlanders March2/43
3George M Bell of Parlin March2/44
4Gerry Quigg of Toronto March2/45
5P/M Angus macDonald March2/46
6P/M Jimmy Banks March2/47
7General Sir John Swinton March2/48
8Miss Forbes Farewell to Banff March2/49
9Nameless March2/410
10Capt. James Lamont March2/410
11The Toronto Scottish Regiment March2/411
12Lord Alexander Kennedy March2/412
13Capt. John deuchar of Denny March2/415
14Carol and the Kidd March2/416
15The Citadel March3/417
16The Recruits March3/419
17Charlie and Paula Glendinning March3/420
18St. Andrew's Society of Charleston March4/421
19Moonstar March4/423
20MacRae Meadow March4/424
21Bicentennial March4/426
22The Duke of Glengarry March4/427
23Dennypace March4/428
24Ashton March4/429
25Patron Saint March6/830
26Red Brae March6/831
27Ferny Bank March6/831
28Slainte March6/832
29Golden Anniversary March6/833
30Laura Anne Bell March6/834
31Charlie Glendinning March6/835
32Central Victoria Scottish Festival March6/836
33Major Krinz March6/837
34The Iceman March9/837
35Dunblane Slow Air9/839
36Betsey's Blue Bonnet Slow Air6/840
37Scarlet Ribbons Slow Air6/842
38Gaulden Wedding Slow Air6/843
39Bron Mills Slow Air3/444
40Christmas Waltz Slow Air6/845
41O Waly Waly (The Water is Wide) Slow Air4/446
42Keroulaz Slow Air6/846
43Jane's Song Slow Air3/447
44Andrew's Lullabye Slow Air6/848
45Andy's Lullabye (Not really a Slow Air) Slow Air2/449
46Burnhead Farm Strathspey4/451
47The Harp and the Lion Strathspey4/452
48Craig-a-Bodich Strathspey4/452
49Krista Nicol Strathspey4/453
50The Brigantine Boys Reel4/455
51The Biscuit Girls Reel4/456
52The Green Fields of America Reel4/457
53Ginny Down the Sewer Reel4/457
54Kit's Reel Reel4/458
55Far Rockaway Reel4/458
56Caber Feidh Reel4/459
57Dolina McKay Reel4/460
58John Burgess's Reel Reel4/462
59Inky Campbell Reel4/463
60Honey in the Bag Jig6/864
61Christopher Glendinning Jig6/865
62Lady in the Bottle Jig6/866
63Molly with the Golden Locks Jig6/867
64Pipey Jig6/868
65Gordon McLeod of Winnipeg Jig6/869
66BagDad Jig6/870
67BagDad '99 Hornpipe2/471
68Cromdale Hornpipe2/471
69Crossing the Hooves Hornpipe2/472
70The Tatty Man from Knotty Ash Hornpipe2/473
71Puckertoot Hornpipe2/475
72The Night Watch Hornpipe2/476
73Bulk Rate Hornpipe2/477
74The Wellie Walk Hornpipe2/479
75The Hill Walker Hornpipe2/481
76Thistledown Hornpipe2/482
77Davey the Corrupter Hornpipe2/483
78The Keflavik Jet Nest Hornpipe2/484
79Icelandair Hornpipe2/485
80Good King Wenceslas Christmas Tune4/487
81Divine Christ Child Christmas Tune4/487
82Kingsfold (O Sins a Song of Bethlehem) Christmas Tune2/488
83Christmas Day in the Morning Christmas Tune4/488
84Forest Green (O Little Town of Bethlehem) Christmas Tune4/489
85It Came Upon the Midnight Clear Christmas Tune6/889
86The Lord's My Shepherd Church Music3/491
87Salve Festa Dies Church Musicu/k91
88Wie Lieblich ist der Maien Church Music4/492
89Cwn Rhondda Church Music4/492
90Hyfrydol Church Music6/893
91Mijas Air21/895
92A Prelude Piobaireachdu/k97