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Gordon Highlanders Vol 1


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1Inverlochy Castle March2/41
2Boy Chapman March2/42
3Jean MacLennan March2/44
4Capt E.B.B. Towse, VC March6/85
5Conon Bridge March2/46
6Colonel H.H. Burney's Farewell to the Gordon Highlanders March2/47
7Alfred E. Milne March2/48
8Willie MacLeod - reedmaker March2/49
9Edingurgh Castle March2/410
10King Georg V's Army March2/411
11Major C.M. Usher, OBE March2/412
12Dornkop March6/813
13Braemar Gathering, The March6/814
14Kitchener's Army March6/815
15Dalnahassaig Strathspey4/416
16Mons Meg Strathspey4/416
17Artafallie Strathspey4/417
18Mrs. MacPherson of Inveran Reel4/418
19Kilcoy Mill Reel2/220
20Loch Lochy Reel2/221
21Anon Reel2/422
22Donald McLennan's Exercise Jig9/823
23Biddy from Sligo Jig6/824
24Unknown Warrior, The Slow Air6/825
25Black Isle, The Jig3/426
26Nona Retreat March3/428
27Inverboyndie March6/829
28Murdo Campbell March6/830
29Tom Speir's Welcome to Glenalmond March6/831
30Major George Morrison, DSO March4/432
31P/M Bob Brown's Farewell to the Ballochbuie March2/432
32Battle of the River Plate, The March6/834
33Mrs. Grace G. Robertson March12/835
34Craigston Castle March12/836
35Scottish Division, The March6/837
36Major 'Conger' Ross's Farewell to the 1st Gordons March6/838
37Glen Feulan March6/839
38Lt. Gn. Sir George Gordon Lennox, KBE, CB, CVO, DSO March6/840
39Major Kernohan, QM March6/841
40Drumming of the Grouse, The March6/842
41Grampian Seal, The March4/442
42Lt. Col. P.W. Forbes of Corse, OBE March4/443
43Gordons' Farewell to Castlehill, The March4/444
44Lt. Col. G.R. Elsmie, OBE March2/446
45Lt. Col. D. Polson Hall March2/447
46P/M Donald MacLeod's Welcome to Fort Quappelle 1969 March2/448
47Prince Charles' March March2/449
48London Scottish at Primosole Bridge, The March2/450
49Colonel Sir James Burnett of Ley's Farewell to the 92nd Highlanders March2/451
50Farewell to the 92nd Highland March2/451
51Cairneywhing March2/452
52Col. Charles Ogston, CB, CMG, DSO - The Gordon Highlanders March2/453
53Cullen Bay March2/454
54Miss Judy Morrison Strathspey4/455
55Tom Keldie's Birthday Strathspey4/456
56Dancers of Doune, The Strathspey4/457
57Braes O' Banff, The Strathspey4/458
58Carol Bruce Strathspey4/460
59Mrs. McGregor Strathspey4/460
60Canongate Strathspey4/461
61Earl of Airlie, The Reel2/262
62Arlene Hepburn Reel2/263
63George Fraser Reel2/263
64Pelican, The Reel2/264
65Boyndie Castle Reel2/265
66Capt . C.M. Usher's Reel Reel2/266
67Pipe Major Joe Kerr, BEM Reel2/267
68Starlight Polka, The Polka2/468
69P/M Calum Campbell's Caprice Hornpipe2/469
70 Colquhonnie Hotel, The Hornpipe2/470
71Gale Warning Hornpipe2/471
72Coronation Hornpipe, The Hornpipe2/472
73Angus McDonald's Texas Trip Polka2/474
74Craig-n-Dargiety Polka2/475
75Antiquary, The Jig9/876
76Scotch House Jig, The Jig6/876
77Over the Lecht Jig6/878
78Rab's Loon Jig6/879
79Linda Strachan Jig6/880
80Irish Washerwoman, The Jig6/881
81Hills of Java, The Jig6/882
82Bright Side, The Jig6/883
83Glen Gelder Slow Air6/884
84Leaving the Ballochbuie Slow Air12/884
85Admiral of the Fleet Sir Roderick McGrigor, GCB, DSO Slow Air6/885
86Loch Lubnaig Slow Air6/885
87Fasgahdair Slow Air6/886
88Glendronach Slow Air4/486
89Craigievar Castle Slow Air6/887
90Heroes of Kohima, The Slow Air6/887
91Childeren of Larbert, The Retreat March9/888
92Heather Grant of Strathyre Retreat March9/888
93Campsie Hills, The Retreat March3/489
94Garrawalt Bridge, The Retreat March3/489
95Lady Diana Spencer's Welcome to Deeside March6/890
96Dugald Gillespie March12/891
9748th Highlanders of Canada Pipes and Drums, The March4/492
98Memories o'Bon Accord March2/493
99Brig O' Feugh, The March2/494
100Urquhart Castle March2/495
101Jim Barrie March2/496
102Reverand Randal G.L. McAlister, The March6/896
103Men in Hodden Grey Kilts, The March6/898
104MacDonald's Awa' to the War March6/899
105Sir Patrick Grant March6/8100
106Andrew Stewart Hillis March6/8101
107Jock Mason March12/8102
108Dovecote Park March6/8103
109Granny Manson of Kilblean March4/4104
110Armstrong's Welcome March4/4105
1111976 Police Tattoo March4/4106
112Cockney Jocks, The March4/4106
113Badge of Scotland, The March4/4107
114Ronan March2/4108
115Kenneth J. MacLean March2/4109
116Bridge of Kin-Edar, The March2/4110
11792nd Highlanders at the Maya Pass, The March2/4111
118Australian LadiesMarch2/4112
119The Highland WeddingMarch2/4114
120Lonach Gathering, The March2/4116
1212nd Battalion The Gordon Highlanders at Maryhill Barracks 1919 March2/4117
122Ruins of Tobruk, The March2/4118
123MacKay's Farewell to he 74th March2/4119
124Atholl Highlanders' March to Loch Katrine, The March2/4120
125Loch Katrine, Atholl Highlan March2/4120
126The Balmoral HighlandersMarch2/4122
127The Siege of DelhiMarch2/4123
128Craig-n-Darroch March2/4124
129Flower of the Hills Strathspey4/4125
130Francis Rushbrooke Williams Strathspey4/4126
131Marchioness of Huntly, The Strathspey4/4127
132Miss Mary Kenneth's Wedding Strathspey4/4127
133Blair Drummond Strathspey4/4128
134Doodlum Dhu Strathspey4/4129
135Flora McNeill's Strathspey Strathspey4/4130
136Dunadd Strathspey4/4131
137Castle of Gight, The Strathspey4/4132
138Ballygawley Roundabout, The Strathspey4/4133
139Roes among the Heather, The Strathspey4/4133
140Bob of Fettercairn Strathspey4/4134
141Delvinside Strathspey4/4135
142Piper's Bonnet, The Strathspey4/4136
143Culbokie Reel2/2137
144Jenny Dang the Weaver Reel2/2138
145Fiona Dickson Reel2/2139
146Christie McLeod Reel2/2140
147Silver Spear, The Reel2/2140
148Black Haired Maid, The Reel2/2141
149Man of Kettle Reel2/2142
150Traditional Reel - Nameless Reel2/2143
151The Smith of ChillichassieReel2/2144
152Ghlass-Ault, The Reel2/2145
153Sandy Cameron Reel2/2146
154Braemar Reel2/2147
155Angler, The Reel2/2148
156Old Toasty Hornpipe2/4149
157Jimmy Blue Hornpipe2/4150
158Willie's Brogues Hornpipe2/4151
159Mrs. Cath MacDonald Hornpipe2/4152
160Hawk, The Hornpipe2/4153
161Kiwi, The Hornpipe2/4153
162Evan MacRae's Favourite Hornpipe2/4154
163Georgiana's Polka Polka2/4155
164John Kerr Hornpipe2/4156
165Dancing Gipsy, The Jig6/8157
166Green Garter, The Jig6/8158
167Sally's Party Jig6/8159
168Donnie MacGregor Jig6/8160
169A Touch of the Irish Jig6/8161
170Tailor's Wedding, The Jig6/8162
171Wee Harry Jig6/8163
172Pipe Major David Bail Jig6/8164
173Pipe Major James Ackerly Jig6/8165
174Mrs. Agnes Shepherd Jig6/8166
175Fittie Boatman, The Jig6/8167
176George Square JIg6/8168
177Paddy's Market Jig6/8169
178Hills of Kintail, The Slow Air12/8170
179Sands of Berneray, The Slow Air6/8170
180Lace Toon, The Slow Air6/8171
181Farewell to the Highlands Slow Air18/8172
182Iona Boat Song, The Slow Air6/8172
183Cronan Corrievreccan Slow Air6/8173
184Gin I Were A Baron's Heir Slow Air6/8173
185Piper's Waltz, The Slow Air6/8174
186Vatersay Bay Slow Air6/8174
187Piper's Prayer, The Slow Air6/8175
188Heroes of Oosterbeek, The Retreat March3/4176
189Pipe Major Angus MacDonald, Scotts Guards Retreat March3/3176
190Gordon's Home, The Retreat March3/4177
191Herring Boat Song, The Retreat March3/4178
192Pipe Major Bob Slater Retreat March3/4178
193Dhorlin, The Retreat March9/8179
194Heights of Dargai, The Retreat March9/8180
195Hugh A. MacCallum Retreat March9/8180
196Lochanside Retreat March3/4181
197Battle of the Somme, The Retreat March9/8182
198Highland Brigade at Magersfontein, The Retreat March3/4182
199Cock o' the North, The March6/8186
200Haughs of Cromdale, The Strathspey4/4187
201We'll take the High Road March2/4187
202Gordon's March, The March6/8188
203St Andrew's Cross March2/4188
20492nd Quickstep, The March2/4189
205Trooping the Colour March2/4190
206Flowers of the Forest, The Funeral March2/4191
207Death of the Chief, The Funeral March2/4192
208Gordon Highlanders Funeral March, The Funeral March4/4192
209Lochaber No More Funeral March3/4193
210Atholl Highlanders, The March6/8194
211My Nut Brown Maiden March2/4194
212Inverness Gathering, The March2/4196
213Back of Benachie, The March2/4197
214Black Bear March2/4198
215Bonny Dundee March6/8198
216Balmoral Castle Strathspey4/4199
217Duke of Gordon, The Strathspey4/4199
218Gordon, Duke of March6/8199
219Marquis of Huntly, The Strathspey4/4200
220Monymusk Strathspey4/4200
221Braes of Mar, The Strathspey4/4201
222Stirling Castle Strathspey4/4201
223Grannie Duncan Slow Time2/4202
224Jessie Chisolm Slow Time2/4202
225Fingal's Weeping Slow Time2/4203
226Greenwoodside Quick Time2/4203
227Jessie Chisolm Strathspey4/4204
228Bannocks O' Barley Meal March6/8205
229Andy Wi' His Cutty Gun March2/4206
230Bundle and Go March6/8206
231A Man's A Man for A' That March2/4207
232Kenmure's on and Awa' March6/8207
233Johnnie Cope March2/4208
234Steamboat, The March6/8208
235Glendaruel Highlanders, The March6/8209
236Brose and Butter March9/8210
237Up and Waur Them A' Wullie March2/4210
238The Muckin' O' Geordie's Byre 6/8211
239Haughs of Cromdale, The March2/4212
240Donald Blue March2/4213
241Tulloch Gorm Strathspey4/4214
242Reel of Tulloch, The Reel4/4215