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McCallum Bagpipes

Gordon Highlanders Vol 2


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1I. J. A. Centers Farewell To Scotland March2/41
2Skook, The March2/42
3Abbeyfields March2/43
4Captain C. R. Lumsden March6/84
5John Wayland March2/45
6Muir Of Ord March2/46
7Battle Of Harlaw (1411), The March6/87
8Captain J. F. Johnson-Watson March6/88
9Colchester Castle March6/89
10Armistice Of 1918, The March4/410
11Pipers Prelude, The March2/410
12Longueville To Kierdorf March6/811
13Cottage, The March2/412
14G. F. Rose Of Auchernach March6/813
15Paisley Piper's Club March6/814
16Hamelincourt March2/415
17John Mac Donald, Cameron Highlanders March2/416
18Major John Mac Lennan, The Gordon Highlanders March6/817
19Pipe Major J. Lawrie March6/818
20Queen's Army, The March6/819
21Thistles And The Roses, The March6/820
22Elizabeth Stewart Strathspey4/421
23Glen Nevis Strathspey4/421
24Inverness Fiddler, The Strathspey4/421
25Cutting The Caber Strathspey4/422
26Jeannie Dean's Tryste, The Strathspey4/422
27Mac Lennans Of Croy Strathspey4/422
28Hunters Bog Reel2/223
29William H. Graig 23
30The Brown Haired MaidReel2/224
31Little Cascade, The Reel2/225
32Curlews On The Pentlands Reel2/226
33Jessie Mc Lennan Reel2/226
34Thrush And The Blackbird, The Reel2/226
35Falls Of Shin Reel2/227
36Miss Ada MacDougall Reel2/227
37Shanbally Castle Reel2/228
38Redwing, The Reel2/229
39Jig Of Slurs, The Jig6/830
40Back Grace Note Jig, The Jig6/831
41Mullbuie, The Jig6/832
42Delgaty Castle Slow Air6/833
43Kyle Of Sutherland, The Slow Air6/833
44Glenfeshie Bridge Slow Air2/434
45Johnnie's Tune Retreat March3/435
46Piper Of Dunnyveig, The Retreat March3/435
47Sunset On The Somme Retreat March3/436
48Findlay Cameron Of Glenshee March6/837
49Farewell To The Creeks March6/838
50Pipe Major George Hepburn March2/439
51Fraser Of Cairnie March2/440
5214th/20th King's Hussars March6/841
53Towie Pipe Band, The March6/842
54Banks Of The Bosphorus, The March2/443
55Capt J. M. Mc Laren's March March2/444
56Cardonald Gardens March6/845
57Colonel Cruden's Farewell March2/446
58Colonel Robert Bruce, DSO March2/447
59Deershill March6/848
60Jane Allan Buchan March6/849
61Neil Sutherland Of Winnipeg March6/850
62Heroes Of Dargai, The March6/851
63Major A. W. Cameron, 92nd Highlanders March6/852
64Tartan Banner, The March2/452
65Bervie Brae March2/454
66Duggie's Wedding March4/454
67Ian Coombs March2/455
68General Douglas Wimberley's Farewell to the 51st Highland Division March6/856
69Major General A. K. F. Walker March12/857
70Lieutenant Colonel John Blackwell, RA March6/858
71Selkirk, Manitoba Highland Gathering March2/458
72Road To Balgownie, The March6/860
73Stoneywood Brae March2/461
74Tommy Mac Donald Of Barguillean March2/462
75Banff Bay Strathspey4/463
76Colin Cameron's Delight Strathspey4/464
77General Montgomery's Men Strathspey4/465
78Auld Brig' O' Balgownie, The Strathspey4/466
79Brig O' Don Strathspey4/466
80Buchanty Falls Strathspey4/467
81Speyside Strathspey4/468
82'Tache', The Reel2/269
83Tornaveen House Reel2/270
84Balmenach Reel2/271
85Cyril Dickman, RVM Reel2/272
86GS Mc Lennan's Reel Reel2/272
87Mc Donald's Reel Reel2/273
88Kinlochewe Reel2/274
89Swazi Dance Reel2/274
90Wee Cobbler, The Reel2/275
91Mrs. Isabel Wilson Polka4/476
92Bob Strachan Hornpipe2/478
93Calum And Lindsay Hornpipe2/479
94Nikki Thomson's Wedding Polka2/480
95Portsonachan Cook, The Hornpipe2/481
96Andrew Mac Kay Of Drumbeg Jig6/882
97On The Road To Fermoy Jig6/883
98Betty Jessiman Jig6/884
99Bin Hill O' Huntly, The Jig6/885
100George Campbell Jig6/886
101Nameless Jig6/887
102Gordon Highlanders, The Slow Air6/888
103Sons Of Scotia Slow Air6/889
104Beaumont Lodge Slow Air6/890
105Brig O' Don, The Slow Air6/890
106Miss Mather Of Wyvis Slow Air6/891
107Dunsappie Loch Slow Air6/892
108Portavogie Slow Air6/892
109Sunset Over Brimmond Slow Air6/893
110Lieutenant Colonel J. Neish Retreat March3/494
111Mrs Alison Graham Retreat March9/894
112Kirkburn Retreat March3/495
113Royal Mile, The Retreat March9/895
114Ar Dachaidh Retreat March9/896
115Scaurs Of Cruden Retreat March9/896
116Glenalmond Woods Retreat March9/897
117Boats At Dunkirk, The Retreat March3/498
118Bydand Retreat March3/498
119Pass Of Brander, The Retreat March9/899
120Pipe Major Willie Mac Leod March2/4100
121Garry Sands, The March6/8101
122Bob Kerr Of Luss March2/4102
123Wedding Gift, The March2/4103
124Renfrew Pipe Band March2/4104
125Sandy Masson March6/8105
126Alan D. Johnston March2/4106
127Alaster Hutcheon's March March4/4107
128The Rose of AllandaleMarch4/4107
129Allan's Dog Nipper March6/8108
130Alex MacLean Of Lurebost March4/4109
131Brigadier J. Oliver's Return To El Alamein March6/8110
132Brigadier P. W. Graham, CBE March12/8111
133British Caledonian Airways Pipe Band March12/8112
134Calum Finlayson, MBE March6/8113
135Campbeltown Gaelic Choir March6/8114
136Catherine Lenkas March6/8115
137Chief Inspector Angus MacDonald March6/8116
138Chief Superintendent Colin Wood, RHKP March2/4117
139Corrour Bothy March2/4118
140Craig Gowan Hill March2/4119
141Donald Johnston Of Castlebay March6/8120
142Donald Morrison's Welcome To Brisbane March6/8121
143The Dornoch LinksMarch2/4122
144Duchess Of Montrose, The March2/4123
145Doctor Herb Dedo's March March12/8124
146George E. Schell's March Through Caithness March2/4125
147Mrs. John MacColl March2/4126
148Dr. Jerry Colborne March2/4127
149Home To Bower March2/4128
150Ken Thomson's Return To The North East March4/4128
151Flora MacNeill Of Oronsay March6/8130
152Highland Brigade Depot, The March6/8131
153His Royal Highness The Prince Andrew, CVO, ADC March4/4132
154The Robert Armstrong Memorial Pipe BandMarch4/4132
155Neil Gow's Farewell To Whisky March2/4133
156Khartum Temple March6/8134
157Kyles Of Bute, The March2/4135
158Lady Stewart MacPherson March4/4136
159Major E. W. Wellstood, CD March4/4136
160Major Byng M. Wright's Farewell To The 8th Argylls March2/4137
161Meg MacRae March6/8138
162Monks Of Messiah, The March2/4139
163Pipe Major Donald MacLeod's Farewell To The Queen's Own Highlanders March2/4140
164Pipe Major Ian McLellan, BEM March6/8141
165Pipe Major Thomas Ramsey, Irish Guards March2/4142
166Pipe Major William Wilson, Campbeltown March2/4143
167Princess Anne's Welcome To Faslane March6/8144
168Rosehearty March6/8145
169William Sillar, FRCS 145
170Soutars Of Cromarty, The March6/8146
171Whinrigg 147
172Mamore Strathspey4/4148
173Donna's Fling Strathspey4/4149
174Schoolmate's Strathspey, The Strathspey4/4149
175Canadian Dance Strathspey4/4150
176McLeod's Strathspey Strathspey4/4150
177Clydeside Strathspey4/4152
178Fiona's Fancy Strathspey4/4153
179Lady Campbell Of Longsdale Strathspey4/4154
180Lark, The Strathspey4/4154
181Lumphanan Strathspey4/4155
182Molly Connell Strathspey4/4156
183The Smith's a Gallant FiremanStrathspey4/4156
184Mrs. Jean Morrison Strathspey4/4157
185Pipe Major Brian MacRae Strathspey4/4158
186Sandy MacRae Reel2/2159
187Willie Murray's Reel 160
188Seonaid Reel2/2161
189Angus J. MacLellan Reel2/2162
190Glenda Douglas Reel4/4162
191Major Kenneth Lumsden Reel2/2163
192Whisky Mac 163
193Alec MacDonald - Fort William Reel2/2164
194Katrina Bannister Reel2/2164
195Loch Treig Reel4/4165
196Malyrust Reel2/2166
197Plumber's Pipes Reel2/2167
198Mrs. Doreen Lawrie Reel2/2168
199Wully Hall's Reel 169
200Rhinns Of Kells Reel2/2170
201Sheila McMurchy's Dance Reel2/2171
202Outward Bound Hornpipe2/4172
203G. Y. Slater Hornpipe2/4173
20479th's Hornpipe, The Hornpipe2/4174
205Alex And Hector Hornpipe2/4175
206Bonnie Louise Hornpipe2/4175
207Bosun's Hornpipe, The Hornpipe2/4176
208Garry McAleer Hornpipe2/4177
209H.L.I. Hornpipe, The Hornpipe2/4178
210Loch Voshmid Hornpipe2/4179
211Isabelle MacLean Hornpipe2/4180
212Jim Wark's `D' Hornpipe2/4181
213Mad Hornpipe, The Hornpipe2/4182
214Spogan Hornpipe2/4184
215Wee Elidh Miller Jig6/8185
216Michael Brady's Jig Jig6/8186
217Meg's Fancy Jig6/8187
218Auchreoch Jig6/8188
219Donald, Hugh And His Dog Jig9/8188
220Alan Stuart And His Shadow Jig6/8190
221Angus MacDonald, Scots Guards Jig6/8191
222Brother Tom Jig6/8192
223Davy Patrick's Ceilidh Jig6/8193
224Gaelic, The Jig6/8194
225Granny MacLeod Jig6/8195
226Groatie Buckie Mannie Jig6/8196
227Flat Wheeled Tramcar, The Jig6/8197
228Iain MacFadyen Junior Jig6/8198
229Island Of Raasay, The Jig6/8199
230Joy Wallace's Bike Jig6/8200
231Kirsty McCracken's Brogues Jig6/8201
232Last Dance, The Jig6/8202
233Master John MacLellan's Exercise Jig6/8203
234Mrs. Amy MacDougall's Birthday Jig6/8204
235Mrs. Angus MacDonald Of Tiree Jig6/8205
236Myra Hatton Jig6/8206
237Nan's Jig Jig6/8207
238Pipe Major Jimmy McGregor Jig6/8208
239Piper At The Tower, The Jig6/8209
240Donald Ross Of Vancouver Slow Air6/8210
241Shoreline Of Lewis, The Slow Air6/8210
242Blackwater Dam Graves, The Slow Air4/4211
243John MacKenzie's Farewell To Lochaber High School Slow Air6/8211
244Crooked Bawbee, The Slow Air6/8212
245Memories Of Luibeilt Slow Air6/8212
246Lonely Loch Nan Eun Slow Air6/8213
247Moireach Bho Eirisgeidh Slow Air6/8214
248Mrs. Joy Cairns Slow Air6/8214
249Pipe Major Willie Kinnear Slow Air6/8215
250Tears Of Children Slow Air6/8215
251Ronald MacDonald's Farewell To Ulva Slow Air6/8216
252Salute To Ian Ireland Slow Air6/8216
253Major Alistair Ritchie, Scots Guards Retreat March9/8217
254Martin Lawrie Retreat March9/8218
255Meall Gorm Retreat March9/8218
256A Drop Of Grouse Retreat March9/8219
257Major Bryan Wilson Retreat March3/4220
258Ronald McShannon Retreat March9/8220
259Maya Numasa Retreat March3/4221
260Emma's Homecoming Retreat March9/8222
261Twelve Torlum Retreat March9/8222
262Rector James MacWilliam, Lochaber High School Retreat March9/8224