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McCallum Bagpipes

An Ift Of Efts


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1Geese Fly North, The March2/441
2Gael, The March12/812
39/8 March #1 March9/823
49/8 March #2 March9/824
5Chocolate Chip Strathspey4/425
6Old Mrs. Higby Of North Ferrisburgh Strathspey4/426
7Good Suggestion, A Strathspey4/426
8Crossing The Rubicon Reel2/237
9Farewell To Erin Reel4/3 6/8 7/848
10Fire's Shadow, The Reel2/229
11Frenetic Reel, The Reel2/2610
12Last Summer's Reel Reel2/2211
13Island Breeze Reel2/2211
14Marea's Reel Reel2/2212
15Message From Sauchiehall Street Reel2/2413
16Megan Marsh's Reel Reel2/2213
17Mhorag's Fury Reel2/2316
18Old Croaky Reel2/2217
19Shed Hunters, The Reel2/2418
20Rookie Reel Reel2/2218
21Snowfalling, The Reel2/2219
22Snappy The Snail Reel2/2 3/2 7/8620
23Silver Dollars, The Reel2/2422
24All You Shining Stars Air3/4223
25Angel's Share Air4/4 3/4324
26Auntie Annie Air4/4 5/4125
27Ballerina Tune, The Air2/2226
28Bone Of Contention Air6/8227
29Breton Air Air4/4328
30Calum's Dream Air3/4129
31Hard Earth Air4/4530
32Kingsfold Air4/4431
33Orange Skipper, The Air3/4132
34Poyntzfield Air4/4233
35Sold Down The River Air6/8134
36So Hard To Let Go Air4/4234
37Wedding March (for Freda and Brian) Air6/8235
38Wondrous Love- Version 1 Air4/4236
39Wondrous Love- Version 2 Air4/4237
40Death In The Pot Jig8/9 5/8 6/8438
41Don't Spit On Me, Freckles Jig6/8240
42Empty Home, The Jig6/8240
43Flying Inchworm, The Jig6/8241
44Gael, The Jig6/8142
45Gog And Magog Jig6/8644
46Hit The Skunk With The Sewing Machine Jig6/8247
47Jollity Jig, The Jig6/8248
48No Comment, whatsoever Jig6/8449
49Lyons Slip Jig9/8150
50New Britain Slip Jig9/8151
51Rahab And The Spies Jig8/7 6/8 8/8552
52Robert's Jig Jig6/8454
53Owl Swooped Down, The Polka2/4255
54Sapsicles Polka2/4256
55Regain 4/4257
56Two Shepherds Polka2/4258
57Calling, The Hornpipe2/4359
58Road To Lipetsk, The Hornpipe2/4460
59And Yet The Ferns Remain Green Waltz3/4262
60Creek Beneath The Snow, The Waltz4/5 6/4263
61God Came To The Piper's Cave Waltz4/3 9/8464
62Bela's Waltz Waltz3/4265
63An Ift Of Efts Waltz3/4266
64On The Second Hand 4/4168
65When Jesus Wept 3/4269
66Haec Dies 6/8170
67Misirlou 4/4271
68Piping Down The Valleys Wild 4/4172
69Warbler, The 2/4473
70Grones 2/4075