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McCallum Bagpipes

Irish Tunes for Scot. and Irish War Pipes (W. Walsh)


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1Fainne Geal an Lae Slow Air2/411
2Irish Nation, The Air4/421
3Norin ni Cullinan March4/421
4Fear an Marsad 6/822
5Gillespie's Hornpipe 2/422
6Ramblers' Rest, The Reel4/422
7Kiss me Sweetheart 6/823
8One before we go March6/823
9Rocky Road to Dublin, The Jig9/833
10Black Haired Lass, The Reel4/424
11How much has she got? Jig6/824
12Three little drummers, The Jig6/824
13Cealleachin Fionn Air6/825
14Scatter the Mud Jig6/825
15Soldier's Joy, The Hornpipe4/425
16Dan Roger's Favourite Jig Jig12/826
17Humours of Tralibane, The 6/826
18Templehouse Reel, The Reel4/426
19Costla Bay Reel2/407
20Nell Flaherty's Drake Jig6/87
21Rory O' More Jig6/87
22Brian Boru's Jig Jig6/88
23County Down Jig6/88
24Paddy Whack Jig6/88
25Cameronian Rant, The Reel4/409
26Larry Grogan Jig6/89
27Wearing of the Green The Slow Air4/409
28Highway to Dublin, The Jig6/810
29Peeler and the Goat, The 6/810
30Yorkshire Bite, The Reel2/410
31Home Rule Jig, The Jig6/811
32Morgan Rattler, The Jig6/811
33Skiver the Quilt Jig6/811
34Devil in Dublin, The Jig6/812
35Maid on the Green, The Jig6/812
36Paddy's Farewell to America Jig6/812
37Paddy Carey Jig6/813
38Saddle the Pony Jig6/813
39Steam Boat, The Jig6/813
40Green Garter, The Reel4/4014
41Mysteries of Knock, The Jig6/814
42Will you come home with me Jig6/814
43Gramachree Molly Slow Air4/4015
44Jimmy's Return Reel4/4015
45Merry Harriers, The Reel4/4015
46John Roy Stewart Reel4/4016
47Spirits of Whisky, The Jig6/816
48Gallant Tipperary Boys, The March6/817
49Miss Kelly's Reel Reel4/4017
50Thatcher, The Jig6/817
51Johnny the Jumper Jig6/818
52Knee Buckle, The Jig6/818
53Mountaineers' March, The March6/818
54Boys of Mullingar, The 6/819
55James O' Neill's Quickstep 6/819
56Rakes of Irishmen, The Jig6/8019
57Dandy Denny Cronin Reel4/4020
58Flowing Bowl, The Reel4/4020
59Green Linnet, The Reel4/4020
60Gallowglass, The Jig6/8021
61Mickey by the Fireside Reel4/4021
62Wasn't she fond of me Jig6/821
63Black eyed Biddy March6/8022
64Land League, The Jig6/822
65Skin the Peeler Jig6/822
66An Cailin deas donn Jig6/8023
67Rakes of Mallow, The 2/423
68Seo Slainte do'n Piobaire Jig9/8023
69Cahirsaveen 6/8024
70Garry Owen Jig6/824
71Grandfather's Pet 6/824
72Fisherman's Frolic, The 6/8025
73Girl from Ireland, The Jig9/825
74Huish the Cat Jig6/825
75Butchers' March March6/8026
76Condon's Frolics Jig6/826
77Minstel Boy, The Air4/4026
78Billy Barlow Jig6/827
79Fasten the leg in her Jig6/827
80Oh, Dear what can the matter be 6/827
81Kitty Quinn 6/828
82Night Cap, The 6/828
83Night Cap, The 6/828
84Last Rose of Summer, The Air3/4029
85Last Rose of Summer, The Air3/4029
86Sporting Boys, The Jig6/829
87Deoc an Doruis March4/4030
88McDonnell's Rant Jig9/830
89Rushy Mountain, The 2/430
90Bean a tighe air tar Reel4/4031
91Holland is a fine place 4/4031
92Brian Boru's March March6/832
93Big Dan O'Mahony Hornpipe4/4033
94Helen O'Grady Jig9/833
95Domnall na Greine Jig6/8034
96Merry Soldier, The Hornpipe4/4034
97Red Fox, The Slow Air4/4035
98Rocky Road to Dublin, The Jig9/835
99Mrs. MacLeod of Raasay Reel4/4036
100Golden Wreath, The Hornpipe4/4037
101Little House under the Hill, The Jig12/837
102Eviction, The Jig6/838
103We'll all take the Coach and trip it away Jig6/838
104Morning Fair Hornpipe2/439
105Rivals, The 6/839
106All the way to Galway March2/440
107Fox Hunter, The Slip Jig9/840
108An Giolla Ruadh 2/4041
109Cummalum Jig9/841
110Paddy O'Rafferty Jig6/842
111Enniskillen Dragoon, The Air2/443
112Linen Cap, The Reel4/4043
113Black Bear, The Hornpipe2/444
114Spirits of Whisky, The Jig6/844
115Enniskillen Dragoon, The Air2/445
116O'Farrell's welcome to Limerick Jig9/845
117Failte do'n Piobaire Jig9/8046
118Tinker's Reel, The Reel4/4046
119Maidin Amarac Hornpipe4/4047
120Piob Adarc an mairnealais Hornpipe4/4047
121Cock and Hen, The Jig9/848
122Miss Mary Walsh's Favourite Reel4/4048
123Miller's Daughter, The Reel4/4049
124When Johnny comes marching home 6/849
125Maid at the Fair, The 6/850
126Oft in the stilly night Air2/450
127Riding a mile Jig9/850
128Blind Billy Jig9/851
129Farrell's Pipes Jig6/851
130Merry Making, The Jig9/851
131Irishman's Joy, The Jig9/852
132Paddy's trip to Dublin Jig6/852
133Silvermore Jig9/8052
134My Lodging is on the cold, cold ground Slow Air6/853
135Priest in his boots, The Jig6/853
136Keltan's Reel Reel2/454
137Old Hag in the Corner, The Jig6/854
138Caileach a Thuishe Jig6/8055
139Free and easy Jig6/855
140Ivy Leaf, The Reel4/4056
141Tumilin O'Counichan Slow Air4/4056
142First of May, The Hornpipe4/4057
143God save Ireland 4/4057