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Airtight Bag Seasoning

Kyle Warren - Tunez


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1Making The Change Hornpipe2/434
2Rising Light, The Hornpipe2/435
3Catwalk, The Hornpipe2/446
4Battle Fever Hornpipe2/447
5Reloaded Hornpipe2/448
6Prime Time Hornpipe2/429
7Beach Club, The Hornpipe2/4410
8Raising The Bar Hornpipe2/4411
9Three Degree's The Hornpipe2/4212
10Benjamin, The Hornpipe2/4212
11Seonaidh MacDonald Hornpipe2/4413
12Piping Centre's 10th Anniversary, The March6/8414
13Abbie Galbraith March6/8415
14John Quay's Return To Melbourne March6/8416
15June Warren March9/8 6/8217
16Glen Fruin March12/8218
17Craigendorann March3/4219
18Drum major Brian Wilson March3/4219
19Cobbler, The March4/4220
20Ardardan March4/4220
21Klipping The Kerb Strathspey3/4221
22Boturich Strathspey4/4221
23Keith James Bowes Strathspey4/4222
24Battleax Strathspey4/4222
25Margaret's Air Air6/8223
26Aspire Air4/4223
27Too Long In This Institution Waltz3/4524
28The A Lister 7/8 2/2225
29Sign My Chin Reel2/2226
30Golden Brown Reel2/2 3/2326
31Rock Bottom Reel2/2227
32Spice Island Reel2/2227
33Lock Up Your Chickens Reel2/2228
34Alan The Tour Guide Reel2/2228
35Chockolate Fiend, The Reel2/2229
36Blue Steel Reel2/2229
37Ally's Message Jig6/8230
38Don's Party Jig6/8431
39Black Magic Jig6/8232
40Miss Ireland Jig6/8232
41Notorious Hector, The Jig6/8233
42Illegalised Jig6/8233
43Milkshake Envy Jig6/8234
44Meteoric Rise, The Jig6/8234
45Wrong Direction Jig6/8235
46Ferry's Jig Jig6/8235
47Biker Piper Jig6/8236
48One Pound Pint, The Jig9/8237
49Pinstripe Muskateer's The Jig9/8437
50Dunvet Thief, The Jig6/8438