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McCallum Bagpipes

Lewis Turrell - Collection of Bagpipe Music


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1John Wilson Strathclyde Police March2/441
2Roderick J. MacLeod March2/442
3Piper's Wedding,The March2/443
4Kaye Sutherland March2/444
5Syd Scott March05
6Bain McGregor March2/446
7Denver's (Cardwell) Welcome March2/447
8Ian Bruce of Lawes March08
9Craigmore House March2/449
10Kilnaughton Bay March2/4410
11Nameless No.1 March2/4411
12Farewell to the Stainless Juggler March4/4212
13P/M Frank MacKinnon March6/8413
14City of Invercargill Pipe Band,The March12/8414
15Road to Sheigra,The March6/8416
16Spencer Morrison of Green Hills March6/8417
17Crianlarich March6/8418
18Road to Glencoe,The March6/8419
19Nameless No. 2 March6/8220
20Borve to Uig March6/8220
21Kakariki Highlanders,The March6/4221
22Loyal Order of Ancient Shepherds,The March6/8221
23Whangarei Pipe Band's 60th Jubilee March,The March6/8422
24Miss. Margaret Black March6/8423
25Lewis A. Turrell's Unnamed Tune March3/4224
26Balmoral Dancers,The Strathspey4/4424
27Maj. Gavin Stoddart B.E.M., R.H.F. Strathspey4/4425
28Tribute to Marjorie Strathspey4/4426
29Alastair Turrell Strathspey4/4427
30Warwick Anderson Strathspey4/4428
31Jim Finlayson's Strathspey Strathspey4/4429
32Mrs. Ian Bruce (Dorreen) Strathspey4/4430
33Callum Turrell Reel2/2431
34P/M Bruce Hitchings, B.E.M(Senior P/M British Army) Reel2/2432
3512:10 From Gatwick Reel2/2433
36Alister and Cathie MacLeod Reel2/2434
37Lasses Like Nae Brandy Reel2/2235
38Fill the Stoup Reel2/2435
39Allan R. Dodd's Taxi Reel2/2436
40Keith's Chair Reel2/2437
41Standing Stones,The Slow air6/8238
42Palmer's Cross Slow air2/4238
43No More Your Ship Comes Sailing Slow air6/8239
44Soraidh leis an aite (Farewell to this place) Slow air6/8239
45Is It Lonely You Are? Slow air6/8240
46Cardonald Gardens Slow air6/8341
47Lament for Benjamin Lewis Turrell Piobaireachd642
48Joanie Weir Jig6/8444
49It Is Yourself Is It? Jig6/8445
50Otter and the Eagle,The Jig6/8446
51Nameless Jig6/8247
52Allan Dodd's Walking Stick Jig9/8447
53Ullapool Arrival Jig6/8448
54Master Craig W.Paterson Jig6/8449
55Friday Harbour Excursion Jig6/8450
56Musical Attention Jig6/8451
57Shepherd's Crook,The Jig6/8452
58Catrina Turrell Jig6/8454
59Lorna's Jig Jig6/8455
60Lewis Turrell Jig6/8456
61Stuart Finlayson's Fancy Jig057
62Cameron in the Drain Jig6/8458
63North to Ness Jig6/8459
64Shores of Loch Eil Jig060
65Kingussie Rant Jig6/8461
66Happy Dram,A Jig6/8262
67Dancing the Slates Jig6/8262
68Briar McGregor's Jig Jig6/8463
69J.E.C. Graham, O.St.J.Q.S.M. Jig6/8464
70Jack Phillips Jig6/8465
71Gary Coventry Jig6/8466
72Lars Erik's Cutlass Hornpipe2/4267
73Waxholm Ahoy Hornpipe2/4468
74Swedish Sojourn Hornpipe2/4469
75D.B.'s Welcome to the Roarin' Forties Hornpipe2/4470