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Airtight Bag Seasoning

Argyll and Sutherland Collection


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1H. R. H. Princess Louise Duchess Of March2/41
28th Argyll's Farewell To The 116 March2/42
3Kilberry Strathspey4/43
4Cellars Of Authuille March6/84
5Colonel Baird March2/44
6Inveraray Castle Strathspey4/46
78th Argylls, The Retreat March3/46
8Road To The Isles, The (The Bens Of March2/48
9Bens Of Jura, The (The Road To The March2/48
10Colonel Robin Campbell, D.S.O. Retreat March3/49
11Maids Of Jura, The Slow Air4/410
12Lieutenant Lyon March2/410
13Caves Of Neiuville St. Vaast, The March2/411
14Mary Darroch Slow March3/412
15Mary Darroch Waltz3/412
16Capt Allistair Mac Arthur March4/412
17Lads Of Argyll, The Retreat March3/413
18Mrs Marjory Kennedy Fraser Strathspey4/414
19Memorial Bells Of Inveraray, The March2/415
20Pat's Hat Jig6/816
21Morag's Glen Strathspey4/417
22Angler, The Reel2/218
23In The Gloamin' Retreat March3/419
24Cowal Society, The Strathspey4/419
25Sheiling, The 3/420
26John Mac Donald (The Blood) Slow March2/420
27Blood, The (John Mac Donald) Slow March2/420
28Bogleha' Reel2/221
29Queen Of The Hebrides March2/422
30Crossing The Sound March4/424
31Glen Caladh Castle March2/424
32Golden Mountain, The (Jura) March2/426
33Jura (The Golden Mountain) March2/426
348th Argyll's Salute, The Slow March2/427
35Argyllshire Highlanders, The Retreat March3/427
36Buzancy Retreat March3/428
37Peaks Of Arran, The March6/828
38Colonel Mac Lean Of Ardgour March2/430
39Unknown Warrior, The Retreat March3/431
40City Of Glasgow's Own, The March2/432
41Colonel Ian Campbell Of Airds March2/434
42Ardgour Ferry March2/436
43Sunset Retreat March3/436
44Major Andrew Lockie March6/837
45Machrihanish Bay March6/838
46Taking Of Beaumont Hamel, The March2/439
47Lieutenant J. C. Buchan, V.C. March6/840
48Thin Red Line, The March2/441
49Highland Mary March4/442
508th Argylls Farewell To France, March2/442
51Major Charles Mactaggart, M.C. March2/444
52Major Sandy Mac Intyre, M.C. March2/446
53Trooping The Colour March2/447
54Trooping The Colour Slow March2/447
55Bells Of Malta, The March2/448
56Major Ross March2/449
57Rosneath Strathspey4/450
58Jock's Farewell To The 8th Argylls March2/450
59Ormsary House March6/852
60Reverend Angus J. Mac Vicar March2/453
61Sheriff Mac Master Campbell March2/454
62Glendale March2/456
63Sandy Gordon Of Carsaig March6/858
64Crow's Nest, The Slow March2/459
65Miss Joan Campbell March2/460
66Capt J. G. Roberts March6/860
67Major W. Knox, M.C. (Seconds) Retreat March3/462
68Major W. Knox, M.C. Retreat March3/462