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Mark J. Stewart - The Crieff Collection


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1Landed Immigrant,The Hornpipe2/421
2Scandal,The Reel2/222
3Uncle Dubber Jig6/823
4Speed Demons Reel2/224
5Psycho Woman Reel2/225
6Westholme  Strathspey4/446
7Tulloch,The March4/428
8Guinea Man,The Hornpipe2/429
9Andy's Patience Slow Air6/8210
10Leaving Kingarth Reel2/2211
11Inverness Ceilidh Pipe Band,The Jig6/8412
12Bear and Goose,The Jig6/8214
13Low 'D' Reel Reel2/2215
14Crow's Nest,The Jig6/8216
15E.S.R.A.,The Jig6/8217
16Tattie Inspectors,The Hornpipe2/4418
17Country Reel,The Reel2/2220
18Seven Years in Baddeck Reel2/2221
19Gisa Visa Jig6/8222
20Alton Powers Jig6/8223
21Stewarts of Crieff,The March2/4424
22Halifax Drive,The Hornpipe2/4226
23Beech Street Jig6/8227
24Blue Sunday Jig6/8228
25Long Forgotten Jig6/8229
26Vale,The Reel2/2230
27Lost in Boston Jig6/8232
28Deadline,The Reel2/2233
29Breton Jig,The Jig6/8434
30January Reel,The Reel2/2236
31Skin of Scone Reel2/2236
32Midnight Run,The Reel2/2237
33Vandals,The Reel2/2438
34Bongo Jig6/8240
35Knock,The Jig6/8241
36Quimper Piper,The Hornpipe2/4442
37Perthshire Slow Air6/8244
38From the Top Hornpipe2/4245
39Past Due Hornpipe2/4446
40Dobson's Chanter Reel2/2248
41Three Year Reel,The Reel2/2249
42Autopilot Reel2/2250
43Dalriada Slow Air9/8251
44Les Bombardes Reel2/2252
45Helen Killdevil Reel2/2253