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Airtight Bag Seasoning

Mark Saul Antipodes Vol 3


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1Ross Campbells farewell to Scotch College March2/445
2Dunedin Chainsaw Massacre Jig6/846
3On the Rise Hornpipe2/437
4Team Double X Hornpipe2/428
5Young Guns Hornpipe2/429
6Take me to Rio Dance2/4810
7Paraphernalia Dance7/16 9/16 8412
8Surreal Thing Dance8/16 7/16 414
9Wedding March March2/4416
10Sugar free reel Reel2/2417
11Journey to the center of the Celts Reel2/4 3/4618
12Rattle n Hum Reel4/4520
13Pirates of Smoo Cave Reel2/2322
14Its a instrument Jig6/8323
15Its a instrument Waltz6/8723
16Its a instrument Hornpipe3/4723
17Free Radical Scavengers Reel2/2524
18One sheep short Strathspey3/4226
19Sheep shepherds Waltz Waltz6/6226
20Return of the Wayward Sheep Reel2/2226
21Mpingo Magic Hornpipe2/4 6/8427
22Spring Loaded Dance16/16 14/16528
23Barra Bounce Strathspey3/4228
24Wedding Waltz Waltz6/8530
25Back on Track Suite4/41132
26Tir nan Og Suite8/4 8/16 6/1038
27Beaches of Harris Suite6/4 4/41043
28Linnaeus Meadow Air11/4248