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McCallum Bagpipes

Mark Saul Vol I "The Antipodes Collection"


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1Brian Symington March2/45
2Daylesford Street March, The March12/86
3Richmond Castle Strathspey4/47
4Me Clootch Is Awee! Reel2/28
5Colonel Rodney Reel2/29
6Fair And Forty Reel2/29
7Sleep Soond In Da Mornin' Reel2/210
8Jenny's Chicken's Reel2/210
9Brisbane Runaround, The Reel2/211
10Going Steaming Reel2/211
11Battle Of The Bands Reel2/212
12Airlie's Big Day Reel2/212
13Towerhill View Gaelic Air6/414
14Reverie Gaelic Air15/415
15Frollicking Paddy Jig6/816
16Emma Street Exodus Jig6/817
17Big Jaunt, The Jig6/818
18Follow That Car! Jig6/819
19Pump It Out Jig6/820
20Humours Of Ballyloughlin, The Jig6/821
21Red Haired Rafter, The Jig6/822
22Back In The Bar Jig21/823
23Eimie's Impact Hornpipe2/424
24Donald's Big Milking Machine Hornpipe2/424
25Maxville Via Satellite Hornpipe2/425
26Acid Piper Hornpipe2/426
27Ronda Blair Hornpipe2/427
28In Full Flight Hornpipe2/428
29Acoustic Barbarians Hornpipe2/429
30Piping Hot Hornpipe2/430
31Kopenitsa 11/1631
32Neil Barr's Bulgarized Bouzouki 7/1632
33Hell Bound Train, The Suite33