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McCallum Bagpipes

Mark Saul Vol II "The Antipodes Collection"


TitleTypeTime Sig.PartsPage #
1Major David Hills March2/45
2Ian Lyons Farewell March2/46
3Big Fish, The Strathspey4/47
4Sub Zero Strathspey4/47
5Reel Fling, The Reel4/48
6Bass Face Reel4/49
7Dairy Maid, The Reel4/410
8Charlie Lennon's Reel4/410
9Railway Tavern, The Reel4/411
10Shovel Tongue Reel4/411
11Velocipede, The Reel4/412
12Brook Hely's Banquet Reel4/413
13Gondola Wedding, The Reel4/413
14Megalomania Reel4/414
15Summer Nocturn Slow Air6/816
16Techno Fiend, The Jig6/816
17Yellow Bittern, The Slow Air15/4 9/417
18Bendigo Jig, The Jig6/818
19Fancy Fingers Jig6/819
20Joint Venture Jig6/820
21Changeling, The Jig6/821
22Pipe Link '92 Jig9/8 6/822
23Bronni's Blue Brozzi Jig6/823
24Murray's Fancy Jig Jig6/824
25Daryl Boyle Hornpipe2/425
26Rhythmic Amnesia Hornpipe2/426
27Bulgarian Bandit, The Hornpipe2/4 7/16 2/26
28Blair Highlanders, The Hornpipe2/427
29Uphold the Right Hornpipe2/428
30Master Blasters Hornpipe2/429
31Acid Piper Remix Hornpipe2/429
32Murray's Fancy Suite30
33Steam Train to Mallaig Suite6/8 2/436